Recruiting Focus: Generating Buzz spoke with Syracuse football Director of Recruiting Eric White to breakdown buzz around the program after their performance against LSU and how that impacts their recruiting efforts.

After Syracuse went toe-to-toe with SEC powerhouse LSU, there was a lot of buzz about the football program and their future. That buzz was felt not only in the fan base and among the national media, but also amongst recruits. 

Direct of Recruiting, Eric White, saw that first hand after the Orange left the Carrier Dome turf despite not coming out on top.

“I think that game was huge for us,” White said. “I’ve seen it first hand with recruits contacting me. Some that have been on the radar and some that are new on the radar. That game, I think, really opened some kids’ eyes. A nationally televised game against a top-10 team, to be able to show kids who Syracuse is and what we can do. 

“To kind of see all of that young talent we have on the field. That we’re kind of an up and coming place. That LSU game was huge for us to show that we can compete with anybody.”

It did not just make an impression on those that Syracuse was already recruiting, but also prospects for which the Orange had not started that process. In fact, White said he had several reach out to him unprompted. 

“They watched the game,” White said. “They saw how we played. They saw how our team got after it.  That was something they wanted to be a part of. That was something that was really neat after that game. I got reached out by a lot of kids. Kids committed to us, kids not committed to us, kids that weren’t on our radar and kids who were on the radar. 

“That was encouraging to see. It was something that our staff kind of knew with trying to get to that level. It’s nice to show all the kids out there where we are as a program.”

The natural progression from creating buzz is capitalizing on it. So how does Syracuse do that?

“I think we just keep getting after it on the playing field and then everything will translate into recruiting,” White said. “The more success we have in that arena, the easier my job is going to be. We can kind of build off that LSU game as a program and in recruiting. 

“Like I said, just kind of show everybody where we’re at as a program. I think a lot of it is keep playing on the field at a high level. Everything else will fall into place.”

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