Taking a look at the improvement of the Syracuse football offense

The Syracuse football offense has been unquestionably better in 2015 than 2014. How much better? The numbers might surprise you.

The Syracuse football offense, led by Tim Lester, has seen significant improvement this season compared to the 2014 version. A lot of that has to do with quarterback play behind true freshman Eric Dungey. Other important factors include a healthier roster and the full implementation of Lester's system. That combination has seen the Orange become a dangerous offense.

But how much better are they this year? So much better that through six games, Syracuse has already scored more touchdowns than the entire 2014 campaign (12 games). That is more touchdowns in half as many games. More details in the statistical comparison below.

Category 2014 2015 Difference % Inc/Dec
Points Per Game 17.08 32.17 +15.09 +88.3%
TDs Scored 18 20 +2 +11.1%
Rush Yds Per Game 145.8 168.3 +22.5 +15.4%
Pass Yds Per Game 184.1 172.0 -12.1 -6.6%
Tot Yds Per Game 329.9 340.3 +10.4 +3.2%
Yards Per Play 4.9 5.4 +0.5 +10.2%
Sacks Allowed Per Game 2.0 1.8 -0.2 -10.0%
Turnovers Per Game 1.8 1.3 -0.5 -27.8%
3rd Down % 34.08% 39.02% +4.94% +14.5%

With the significant improvement of the offense and so many young weapons that continue to develop, the future of the Orange offense looks to bright if it continues to trend in that direction.

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