Former Syracuse Orange Players React to Shafer Firing

Former Syracuse football players react to the firing of Scott Shafer as head coach.

Former WR Quinton Spotwood: "The powers that be wants to win now. I think it's unfortunate because he seemed to be building something. That's a tough conference, bit I think with the right coach and recruiting tools, Cuse can return to the top."

Former S Keeon Walker: "Man, it's a total shock. Especially after three seasons. I think he needed one more season. We needed to see how the guys he recruited would turn out, but it's tough when you're only winning three games a season."

Former RB Jerome Smith: "Just bad man." He added he does not support the move.

Former DE Duke Pettijohn: "While I hate to see anyone lose their job, this is a results oriented business and we just weren't getting it done. So it was time for a change so we can get someone in there who can recruit the athletes we need to compete at a high level. My vote is for Ed Orgeron and I hope they go after him aggressively."

Former S Durell Eskridge: "I think coach Shafer is an amazing coach and overall guy. He knows football. Unfortunately, they have a young team that's very talented. He got the guys going and they were playing some really good football. They lost a lot of games they were suupposed to win because of inexperience. I think coach Shafer is the right guy for that job and he deserves a chance. His first year as head coach we went to the Texas Bowl. Last year we started good and finished bad because of a lot of different things that could have been fixed by us players and coaches. I hate that the university made this decision but I understand business decisions have to be made. I know another door will open for coach Shafer and he will be successful in the near future. He's a great man and coach and knows a lot about the game of football. Unfortunately, he got the end of the stick when coach Marrone left and he did the best he could with it. It's not all on him. It's on us players as well."

Former WR Rob Carpenter: "Not surprised but I thought it would be after the season. I'm just not sure if the choices of coachs out there will win fans over right away. Recruits will take notice of the next choice also."

Former RB Kyle McIntosh: "It's always tough to see a coach go whose heart is in the right place but unable to get the results he wanted and our program needed in such a competitive conference. When you coach at a great school like Syracuse and compete in an elite conference, it all comes down to wins and losses. I wish Coach Shafer the best and thank him for his efforts to the program and alumni. Hopefully next head coach can turn things around sooner than later."

Former OT Sean Hickey: "Hicks must stay to keep support from former players in the NFL."

Former QB Madei Williams: "It's unfortunate because he's a great guy, but the urgency to win now is of high priority. I hope we go after someone with a large charismatic personality and a tremendous recruiter. Bring some fun and excitement back to the program."

Former RB Damien Rhodes: "I think the whole body of work isn't true. First year bowl and bowl win. Second year injury plagued. This year, young as heck which that young talent he got in. I think he is an unbelievable guy and defensive mind. I've been blessed enough to sit in rooms and talk ball and life with him. I was his biggest advocate for taking over after Doug. As an alum and former player, I want this program to win. We are in this period of time where people think changing solves issues. Nick Sabans aren't the rule but rather the exception. I think one more year with his contract would be justified. But I can also see where (the) administration came from. Play LSU and Clemson to 10 points and really a few plays from winning. Then you get blown out by NC State, Louisville and South Florida. So I get it. It's unfortunate. The fans need to do their part too. High profile coaches and players aren't coming to a half filled Dome."

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