Breaking down the recruiting fallout of Scott Shafer being fired as Syracuse football head coach

How does Scott Shafer's firing impact recruiting? breaks it all down inside.

Syracuse fired head coach Scott Shafer on Monday, leaving the Orange in a bit of a recruiting limbo until a new staff is hired. Once that happens, how will things go down? Let's take a look at each commit and current top targets to see who will end up sticking with Syracuse and who will move on?

DE Brandon GinnettiGoes - Ginnetti fought back from an injury and the Shafer staff was willing to bring him aboard. However, I'm not sure a new staff will as high on him. Best guess is both sides decide to move in another direction. 

QB Lindsey ScottStays - The talented athlete has said he is surprised at the news but remains committed. Because he is a good enough athlete to play quarterback, receiver or defensive back, a new staff will be able to use his abilities. 

ATH Moe NealStays - Neal is the gem of the class. He is the player with the most talent and upside. Because of his speed and offensive playmaking ability, Neal can fit into nearly any system. An offensive mind like Scott Frost would be particularly intriguing because of how that system utilizes their skill position players. Ultimately, I expect a new staff to make keeping Neal a big priority. 

DE Jamal HollowayStays - Holloway is important more so to keep the New Jersey pipeline than anything else. Because of that, I expect him and Dymelle Parker to be priorities for the new staff. Showing him that attention will make a big difference. 

CB Monquavion BrinsonStays - Brinson's father tells that his son is solid to Syracuse and loves the school in addition to the coaches on the old staff. He believes he can still come in and have a big impact on the Orange secondary. Brinson will take his official visit in January and all signs point to him sticking with Syracuse.  

LB Dymelle ParkerStays - Parkr is a very interesting prospect. He is undersized, but has speed, quickness and instincts. He would be a nice addition for the Orange given the system they currently run. Will he fit a new system with a new staff? That remains to be seen, but keeping that New Jersey pipeline is too important to let him slip away. 

OG Sam Heckel: Stays - Heckel says he is in wait and see mode. He originally picked Syracuse over Northern Illinois, and he seemed set with his decision. With the coaching change, it would not be a shock if he at least looked around. That said, athletic interior linemen like Heckel do not grow on trees. Expect Heckel to quickly bond with the new staff, solidfying his commitment. 

CB Darius Stubbs: Goes - Stubbs was recruited as an h-back at Syracuse. Scout likes him as a corner. A new staff with a new system may not have a need for an h-back type, and it is possible they do not like him as a corner either. That's what I believe will happen, and Stubbs will end up elsewhere. 

ATH Taylor Riggins: Stays - Riggins is sticking with Syracuse he told in a text message. Sometimes local kids just want to play for the big in-state school regardless of the coach. Riggins seems like that kind of kid. He is all Orange.

OT Noel BrouseStays - Another lineman in wait and see mode. Brouse does not have other power five options right now, and I'm not sure they will come. Whether or not he stays may be entirely based on whether or not the new staff wants him. Ultimately I think they keep him as there are not a plethora of talented linemen still available. 

Scoop BradshawStays - Plant head coach Robert Weiner told our Corey Bender that Scoop and his teammate Rex Culpepper are sticking with their commitment. They committed to the school not the coaching staff despite their love for those guys. 

Will HarperStays - Harper is an athletic safety that could also play linebacker. Given the attrition in the secondary from Brinson, the new staff will likely look to keep Harper in the mix. If they do, he will stay committed. 

QB Rex CulpepperStays - Quarterbacks with Culpepper's size, athleticism and intelligence are not a common thing. He is an early enrollee so his time frame is very short. If the new staff comes in and wants him, he will be Orange. I expect that to happen.

WR Sadiq Palmer: Stays - Syracuse was and is Palmer's best opportunity. Without those options, if Syracuse wants him, he will stay. A 6-foot-3 competitive athlete with decent speed? I think the new staff will find a way to make that work.  

OT Cam DeGeorgeStays - From speaking with Cam, you get the general impression he wants to stick with Syracuse. He won't make that definitive statement yet until he meets the new staff, however. I do expect him to become a priority for the incoming staff, and ultimately for DeGeorge to remain pledged to Syracuse.

ATH Tyrek TisdalePicks Syracuse - Before the staff was fired, the Orange seemed to be the favorite for Tisdale. He told that the firing does not impact his interest because he loves the school itself. He is not announcing until signing day, but I expect the new staff to show him some love. He is a versatile athlete that can play either side of the ball. 

RB Kentrail MoranPicks Syracuse - I know Moran is committed to Illinois, but I get the genuine impression he is not going to sign there. A coaching change is nothing new for him, as it happened with the Illini so he is dealing with that on two fronts. He told that he is still going to take his official visit and wants to see what the new staff does. If they make him a priority, the Orange may just be the favorites. 

TE Sam LettonGoes Elsewhere - A lot of Letton's interest was related to Tim Lester and his offense. Without that system in place, I expect Letton to not only look around, but an official may be in doubt. 

TE Brett ShepherdGoes Elsewhere - Shepherd has always seemed lukewarm on the idea of coming to Syracuse. I think this seals the deal and takes them off of his radar. 

DE Amir WattsPicks Elsewhere - I've always got the impression that Syracuse was a secondary option for Watts. Without the staff in place, he will end up somewhere else. 

DE Collin Miller: Picks Syracuse - Syracuse is one of the top options remaining for Miller, with Indiana the other. Miller is still taking an official visit to the Orange the weekend of December 4th, which could mean there are no coaches on campus during the trip. Eric White and Cole Dial would show him around with AD Mark Coyle also spending time with Miller and family. Ultimately, the new staff will not be able to pass up on a physical, athletic defensive end this late in the cycle. They make Miller a priority and land him. 

DE Jacoby Hill: Goes Elsewhere - The Tulane commit seemed to be a Syracuse lean. However, he also seemed to be a backup plan for the Shafer staff. A new staff could view him as undersized, and may or may not honor the January official visit. Ultimately, I believe he ends up at Memphis. 

ILB Vosean JosephGoes Elsewhere - Joseph is currently committed to Florida but is looking around. He enjoyed his Syracuse visit, but that was due to the old staff. The new staff would have a lot of work to do in order to land him. Ultimately, I don't think they are able to do that. 

ILB Jonathan JonesGoes Elsewhere - Jones enjoyed his official visit when the Orange played Clemson, but he seems to have eyes on Michigan and Notre Dame. He likely ends up at one of those two spots. 

CB Cycoby BurchPicks Syracuse - Burch loved his official visit and had Syracuse right there with West Virginia. In fact, there was some thought that the Orange may have jumped ahead of the Mountaineers. That bodes well for the new staff, and secondary depth is needed. The new staff comes in, recruits him hard, and is able to add him to the class. 

CB Martin MangramGoes Elsewhere - Mangram has ties to the program and Syracuse may be his best option. But I'm not sure the new staff will be enthralled with him as a prospect. I think he ends up looking elsewhere. 

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