Dino Babers has two immediate tasks to accomplish as head coach at Syracuse

Two things Dino Babers must do right away as head coach of the Syracuse Orange.

Syracuse hired their new football head coach on Tuesday in Dino Babers. While the job he does over the next few years will determine the success of the hire, he has the ability to make an immediate impact with two tasks that are imperitive to his and the program's longevity. 

Talk to Recruits/Keep Commits

There are going to be questions with Baber's hire, as there are with any coaching change. Specifically among recruits. Calling the players currently committed and some of their top targets is imperative to calm any fears they have, keep the most talented players in the mix and get them on board with his long-term vision. 

That will keep the recruiting class together and limit the fallout of the coaching change. Not only does that keep the influx of talent into the program, but it prevents Babers from having to snag a lot of new prospects together in a limited amount of time before National Signing Day.

Keeping players committed means Babers can be selective in who he pursues going forward to implement his vision for the rest of the 2016 class and then turn his full attention towards 2017 and beyond. 

Keep the Roster Intact

Any time a coach leaves, there is roster attritioin. That means players that consider or ultimately follow through with transferring. Starting safety Antwan Cordy has tweeted his intentions to consider transfer opportunities. With young talented players such as Eric DungeySteve IshmaelJordan FredericksDontae Strickland, several offensive linemen, Cordy, captain Zaire FranklinSteven Clark and several others. 

The roster is there to have some success going forward, but only if those players are retained. With many having strong loyalties to Shafer, Babers has to make a strong first impression and ease their concerns about the coaching transition. That allows the roster to continue to be built to better compete in the ACC and limits the damage from the change. 

Offensive players should have an easy time buying in, given how successful his system has been everywhere he has coached. The statistics and productivity alone should ease the concerns of most on that side of the ball. Defensively, Babers has to show the young talent he has a clear vision for consistency and improvement. 

If he is able to win over the young players quickly, it should help bring the whole program together.

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