Five things Dino Babers said during his introductory press conference

The five most important things Dino Babers said at his introductory press conference as Syracuse football head coach.

1. Recuiting Notes: If current players committed to Bowling Green decommit, that changes things, but it is "taboo" to pursue them otherwise. He added there will be coaches on the ground recruiting by the end of the day on Monday.Babers said, "If you hire good recruiters, they can hire anywhere." He then mentioned specifically that the staff with have Northeast representation. He noted the importance of recruiting in your local base, specifically New York and New Jersey. Then added going into Detroit, Chicago and down south into Florida. 

2. Syracuse will play fast: "You have a special teams that is well coached, you have an offense that won't huddle and will play as fast as you've ever seen on turf. That will become a reality. That will be Syracuse football.... We are going to plat at a very quick rate. Our accellerated play in all three phases will give us an advantage." He added that his team will be well conditioned in order to do that, differently than it has been before. He said it will take the team a full season plus half of the next season before they are fully capable of doing what he wants.

3. Babers appeals to the fans: "The fan support, we need to give them what they deserve." He added that this will take the entire Syracuse Nation to get this thing done. 

4. Babers sees potential in Syracuse: "The tradition here is unbelievable." He raved about the facilities. Added "I see fantastic facilities, a private institution with fantastic academics. I think we have a gift." Lastly, "I believe special things are going to happen here. We're going to start something people are going to be talking about for a long time." 

5. Staff updates: "I would like to bring all the good ones," Babers said regarding his Bowling Green staff. He said he "hopes he can keep" his defensive coordinator, suggesting Bowling Green's Brian Ward, who he said is an excellent coach. No specifics on staff hires, however.

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