Holloway Fully Committed After Official Visit

Syracuse defensive end commit Jamal Holloway discusses his official visit over the weekend.

Camden (N.J.) High defensive end Jamal Holloway has been committed to Syracuse since the end of July, but a recent change in the coaching staff put his status up in the air a bit. So much so that he took an unofficial visit to Temple during the search. 

But an in-home visit last week followed an official visit this past weekend has solidified his pledge. 

"I'm fully committed to Syracuse," Holloway told CuseNation.com after the trip. 

Holloway was able to do a lot of what he has done on previous unofficial visits, but some new things as well. Overall, the trip was a very positive experience for the Garden State defensive end. 

"I had a really good time," Holloway said. "First thing I did was take a tour of the school again. Then I got a chance to hang out with the players and coaches. My host was Aaron Roberts and yeah (he) did tell (me) Syracuse is a great school. 

"I thought he was a cool guy. We went to some parties."

Holloway said the trip gave him a glimpse as to what life is like a full-time student-athlete at Syracuse. 

From there, Holloway spent time with the new Orange coaching staff. It was his first time meeting many of them, and first time to bond with many of them. Those conversations became more and more natural as the visit progressed, giving Holloway the sense that his original decision remains the right one. 

"I was talking to all of the coaches," he said. "We were eating and talking. I thought they were all very down to earth. When I was talking to all of them, that's when I felt comfortable with them. I felt at home as soon as I got there."

Holloway's mom joined Jamal on the trip. He said that she loved every moment of it. Having her blessing was just another feather in the cap for Syracuse. 

Even with all of those positive experiences, one stood out to Holloway. 

"Getting the chance to talk with the arts and science department," he said. "Syracuse has a lot to offer me academically. I'm looking forward to exploring more of those classes."

Holloway said he is still deciding what he will major in once he arrives on campus. 

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