Ten Days, Four Commitments

The new Syracuse staff has been on the job for approximately 10 days and have already landed four commitments.

It hasn't taken long for the new Syracuse football staff to make an impact on recruiting. In only about 10 days on the job, they have hit the trail hard, causing a major facelift on the Orange's 2016 class. Five players have decommitted, and counting, including Dymelle ParkerNoel BrouseCam DeGeorgeWill Harper and Darius Stubbs

But, the new staff has more than made up for their departures by adding four talented prospects, three of which are three-star prospects. They certainly have flexed their recruiting muscle, and are by no means finished. Let's take a look back at each commitments and our corresponding coverage. 

Servais Commits to Syracuse
Servais Discusses Decision
Recruiting Ripple: Airon Servais

Ruff Flips to Syracuse
Syracuse Makes Big Splash by Snagging Ruff
Highlights: Kenneth Ruff
Recruiting Ripple: Kenneth Ruff

Coaches, Tradition Lead O'Sullivan to Flip to Syracuse
Highlights: Liam O'Sullivan
Recruiting Ripple: Liam O'Sullivan

Syracuse Lands CB Carl Jones
Highlights: Carl Jones
Recruiting Ripple: Carl Jones


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