NBA Scout: Lydon, Richardson "absolutely" need another year at Syracuse

An NBA scout weighed in on Malachi Richardson and Tyler Lydon.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Earlier this week, spoke with an NBA scout who wished to remain anonymous. The scout gave his opinion on freshmen Malachi Richardson and Tyler Lydon.

On Tyler Lydon:

"[Lydon] had a great start to the year, then it seemed like he lost a little confidence. He needs another year, both of them do. I think that's rather obvious, too, right? He has a unique skill set, especially for his size, but he needs to get stronger. He's playing out of position, everyone can see that. So next year will be interesting to see where he plays and what he can do. He won't be playing the five, I don't think, so his ball handling will have to get better. He's a potential first round talent, but you can't trust those mock drafts. Just because Draft Express has him going in the first round, that doesn't mean anything."

On Malachi Richardson:

"He absolutely needs another year at Syracuse. It's that simple. He's a good shooter for his age, and I understand he's a bit older than most freshman (20), but he needs to return for his sophomore year. As of right now, he won't get drafted. Nobody will take a chance on a kid that is this unproven. But say he comes back and has a great sophomore season; he could potentially play his way into a lottery pick, but more realistically the first round. Jimmy (Boeheim) knows how to coach 'em, and he'll do a great job with Malachi. At the pace he's on right now, he has a bright future. But if he doesn't go in the first round, which he won't, then why go? The key is to get drafted in the first round because then you have three-years of guaranteed money. He won't get that this year."

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