Syracuse spring football news, notes, observations and video from practice number two

Takeaways from Syracuse Spring Football practice sessions.

SYRACUSE, NY - More of the same doesn't necessarily imply lack of focus.  Quite the contrary, when it involves Head Coach Dino Babers thumb print on every aspect, detail and nuance of practice.  Even in the early portions of practice the defensive and offensive units, including the quarterbacks continue to drill core fundamentals.  When the music begins, the intensity is raised several notches as the coaching staff teaches with the same enthusiasm they expect from their players.  Here are a few takeaways from this morning's session:

- Head Coach Dino Babers was more demonstrative in his presence during the early moments of practice.  Not only does he bark out the techniques, but he demonstrates them to the quarterbacks and receivers working together.

- The quarterbacks, including Eric Dungey, appeared a little rusty and off the mark with some of their throws.  But, remember there is a learning curve here and the players are all adjusting to quicker drop backs and sharper routes.

- Slot receivers and tight ends looked very explosive in passing drills, lead by Ervin Philips, Jamal Custis, Moe Neal, Kendall Moore and Cameron MacPherson.

- Although much has been made about a new pace to the offense, the defensive unit is working as hard as ever.  No individual players stand out as of yet, as most of the drills are all done as a unit, but game-style situations characterize the flow with which the defense is practicing.

- The offensive line was working on snap counts and general block drills after the ball has been snapped.  In order to protect the quarterback, they will need great efficiency in their agility and continued weight gain to control the line of scrimmage.

- From a logistics stand point, the attention to detail is carried out by not only the coaching staff and players, but the support staff members (managers, trainers, etc.) are continuously locked in.  It is again early, but it is clear that Coach Baber's program is leaving no stone unturned down to presenting a player with a water bottle or a towel.  Leadership can be evaluated on all levels, not just what happens during the game.

*Note: Please view Video Playlist for some of today's sights and sounds. 


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