Novak said the program and the Dome gave off a professional feel

Nick Novak said after visiting Syracuse, it has a professional vibe.

The dream of every top high school athelete is to make it in their sport professionally. Nick Novak says after visiting Syracuse, it has that type of feel.

"It reminded me a lot of a professional sports stadium," Novak said of the Carrier Dome. "The atmosphere was very energetic and fun. The facilities were outstanding."

Even though he hasn't been offered a scholarship at this point, there is still plenty of time for the 2017 offensive lineman to get an offer.

"Coach Reynolds told me that they like my size and how agile I am on my feet with my size," he said. "He said they are definitely interested in me and could see me playing guard there. He said they are not going to offer me today, but they want to have me back again in the summer for a camp and that's when they would offer me."

He said the openess and honesty was great to hear from the coaches, particularly meeting them for the first time.

"I've never really known them prior to this and by the end of the day they made me feel like I was one of their own players," Novak said. 

He might be one day, saying at this point he is definitely interested and he can see himself playing for the Orange in the future.

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