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Syracuse Adds Preferred Walk-On Linebacker Adam Dulka to Their 2016 Class

Syracuse has added an inside linebacker prospect from Ohio to the 2016 class as a preferred walk-on. Adam Dulka discusses his decision inside.

Huntington Valley (Ohio) University School inside linebacker Adam Dulka has committed to Syracuse as a preferred walk-on. Dulka visited the Orange in early March, and said the school, the coaches and the program as a whole sold him and SU being the next step in his football career. 

The 5-foot-11, 217-pound linebacker did not make things official during the visit, however. He was waiting on admissions to give him the official word that he’s been accepted. Once that came down, he was able to publicly announce his intentions. 

“(It was) mainly the feeling watching the scrimmage, watching the coaches interact with the players and then picturing myself there,” Dulka said. “I feel that coach Kaufman, the linebackers coach, would definitely be someone I would want to learn from for the next four years. On top of this, the linebackers that I saw play in the scrimmage, who surprisingly weren’t much taller than me, played fast and physical.

“I want to mold myself into a faster, more physical linebacker. Secondly, I’m drawn to Syracuse because of the competition. I will have to compete with great athletes for playing time within the program. As a player at Syracuse, I will get to compete against several of the best teams in the country. That’s really what it’s all about. Beating the best to become the best. And from what I’ve seen, Syracuse seems like a great atmosphere in terms of supporting that mentality.”

In addition, Dulka said the facilities at Syracuse were “amazing.” Not only that, but his relationship with linebackers coach Tom Kaufman helped his decision as well. 

“I had talked with coach Kaufman when he was at Bowling Green,” Dulka said. “One thing I like about him is he seems to be a straight shooter. In talking about my situation, he acknowledged that there are no guarantees whether that be for earning playing time or earning a scholarship. At the same time, however, he acknowledged what I had put on tape as something he regards highly and that he was confident that if I come to Syracuse and grinded day in and day out, I could make a serious impact.

“Being that working hard day in and day out is what has gotten me so far rather than natural size, I feel that we share a common mentality in that if I work hard enough I can get what I want. On top of this, coach Kaufman is a Northeast Ohioan, and in him I can see some of the same things that have made up great coaches from Northeast Ohio that I have come to know.  For example, he’s not the type to take it easy on a player. He’s going to give you the truth no matter how hard it is because it makes you better.”

Dulka said his parents are excited and proud that he has earned this opportunity. Specifically playing for a power five program while earning a degree from an institution like Syracuse. 

Despite being somewhat undersized, Dulka wants Syracuse fans to know that they can expect him to work as hard as possible in order to make the program the best it can be. He hopes to earn a scholarship down the road, but even if he doesn’t, he will give everything he has to Syracuse football. 

In addition to Syracuse, Dulka also had a preferred walk-on opportunity at Tulane in addition to being pursued by division two and division three schools. 

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