Jim Boeheim talks NCAA Tournament; should SU get in?

Jim Boeheim goes from "no comment" to discussing NCAA Tournament after tough loss to Pittsburgh.

WASHINGTON -- After a grueling loss to 8th-seeded Pittsburgh in the second round of the ACC Tournament on Wednesday, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim was asked what his thoughts were on his team's NCAA bid.

"No comment," he replied. 

Moments later, after a follow up question was asked, he came back with the same response: "no comment."

Its no secret the 71-year-old coach doesn't like discussing his team's future. He would much rather live in the present and take things day by day than deliberate on the unknowns of college basketball. But reporters continued asking Boeheim about his team's potential postseason plans.

Here's what coach Boeheim said following SU's 72-71 loss earlier today to Pittsburgh:

I thought, and I'm not talking about me, I've always thought the NCAA committee was not the infractions committee, I thought it was the NCAA basketball committee. I thought it's their job to pick the best teams for the tournament.

I have read where some people think we should be punished by the basketball committee as well. I think we've had our punishment. I don't think we should now be punished by the basketball committee. We've gotten pretty heavy punishments. 

The players on this team didn't do anything wrong and were not involved in anything. They should be evaluated on how well they played when they played their best. That's the only thing that I think should happen. We should be evaluated on what kind of team we are.

I think everybody has their own opinions. The chairman of the committee said a coach not being there can be taken like a player not being there. How much is that important? I don't know. 

I know we've beaten four teams in the top 30 or 35 in the country. We've beaten eight teams in the top 100. If there are teams better than that, so be it. We'll see what happens.

Boeheim was suspended nine games earlier this season after the NCAA discovered he allowed ineligible players during the 2004-07 and 2010-12 seasons.

"In Syracuse's case, we recognize you have a Hall of Fame coach who has assembled his team, knows his team,'' NCAA tournament selection committee chairman Joe Castiglione said. "To pretend he's not a difference-maker would be a mistake."

The Orange is currently 19-13 with an RPI of 61. 

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