Syracuse Orange Spring Football: Week 3 Wrap Up

'Cuse looks to put the finishing touches on Week 3 of Spring Camp just before next week's school break.

March 10, 2016

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - The machine is well-oiled by now, the operators have read their manuals and know how to carry out each task, even the managers know how hard they can push their workers to succeed.  This may bring to mind the Industrial Revolution, but if the Ensley Athletic center is a factory then it is an Orange Football Revolution that is taking place.  Early portions of today's morning session may have been the best thus far, as SU nears its completion of Week 3 of Spring Practice.  The players will be off following today through till March 22nd, as Syracuse University will be on Spring Break starting this Saturday (3/12).  With that lay off in mind, the steadfast energy and continued repetition had the 'Cuse firing on all cylinders in drill work.  Here are some takeaways from the morning: 

- The immediate observation was that Eric Dungey is wearing the black jersey, while the other quarterbacks are wearing orange jerseys.  A green jersey usually signals that a player is limited or not participating, but for the last two plus weeks all the quarterbacks were wearing black jerseys together.  Maybe this signifies that Dungey is in fact the number one player at the position after a few scrimmages, and the rest will serve as back ups.  Stay tuned to see if Coach Babers reveals any new titles.

- The defense has been more active in diversified skill work.  Today, the defensive line was working hard at the tackling dummy sled, defensive backs worked on back peddling in their coverage positions and then stepping forward to pick off passes and other members of the D-Line focused on anticipating the run and getting off the edge.

- Offensive linemen certainly didn't take today off.  They worked on agility drills with their legs, as well as various stance techniques.  Coach Babers has indicated that some of the linemen will have to cut some weight to keep up with the pace of the new offense.  He sees girth as a necessity, but not something that can hamper the speed of play on the offensive side.

- Individual players did not stand out in performance today, as it was very much the entire unit showing their strong work ethic.  This morning would be a team victory for efficiency, the players seem to be comfortable with the schedule and adjusting well in their positions.  Growth has certainly been made, but today's flow focused more on the team than individuals development.  This balance has been displayed nicely by the coaching staff each day, they know when it is important to pull a player aside or pay more attention to the overall group.

Practice Music: The usual suspects got the party started, unfortunately the device used was on the fritz so the next two selections weren't as clear out of the sound system.  A clearer listing will be noted in two weeks.

Note: No practice coverage next week, due to SU's Spring Break.  Please review the video play list for the sights and sounds from today's practice.

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