Bubble Watch: Comparing Syracuse to Others

CuseNation.com takes a look at Syracuse basketball's NCAA Tournament resume as compared to several other bubble teams.

The Syracuse basketball Orange are waiting for their NCAA Tournament fate, which will come on Selection Sunday. After their loss to Pittsburgh in the ACC Tournament on Wednesday, many believed that put Syracuse out of the bracket. But there is still a chance the selection committee puts SU in the field, especially since they will consider Jim Boeheim's suspension. 

Where does Syracuse stack up with several other teams that are also on the bubble? Their resume stacks up quite favorably, actually. Take a look at the chart below where CuseNation.com compares the Orange to other schools in some key categories. Syracuse has the lowest RPI, but their strength of schedule is the second highest, they have the third most top 50 wins, third most top 100 wins and some high quality wins.

If the committee really does put any type of credence into Syracuse not having their head coach for nine games, it may be enough to put them over the edge. Time will tell, and Syracuse has left it in other people's hands. Here is how things currently stack up. 

Category Syracuse USC Oregon St Butler Monmouth St. Mary's
Record 19-13 (9-10) 21-12 (9-10) 18-12 (9-10) 21-10 (10-9) 27-7 (19-4) 26-5 (17-4)
RPI 66 45 29 49 58 41
SOS 41 33 9 74 206 164
Last 12 6-6 5-7 7-5 8-4 10-2 9-3
Still Playing? No No No No No No
Key Wins

@Duke, Notre Dame, St. Bonn, Tex A&M, UConn

Wichita St, Yale, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon St Oregon, Cal, USC, Utah, Colorado @Cincy, Purdue, Seton Hall (2x) Notre Dame, USC Gonzaga (2x)
Bad Losses @G'town, @St. John's @Arizona State UCLA @Creighton, @Marquette @Canisius, @Army, @Manhattan Pepperdine (2x)
vs. Top 50 4-6 5-8 5-8 4-8 2-2 2-2
vs. 51-100 4-4 7-4 7-4 2-1 2-2 4-1

Category Syracuse Vanderbilt UConn Valparaiso
Record 19-13 (9-10) 19-13 (11-8) 21-10 (11-7) 24-6 (16-3)
RPI 66 60 55 53
SOS 41 43 56 178
Last 12 6-6 7-5 7-5 10-2
Still Playing? No No Yes No
Key Wins

@Duke, Notre Dame, St. Bonn, Tex A&M, UConn

Tex A&M, Kentucky @Texas, SMU, Michigan @Oregon State
Bad Losses @G'town, @St. John's @Arkansas, @Miss St, Tenn None Wright St (2x), Ball St
vs. Top 50 4-6 4-8 2-5 1-1
vs. 51-100 4-4 3-2 4-5 3-1

What do you think? Should Syracuse be in based on their resume in comparison to others? Drop into our free basketball forum to add your thoughts HERE

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