Can Syracuse Make a Run?

Taking a look at the chances Syracuse makes a run in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. is a website dedicated to analytics, metrics, projections and statistical predictions. Our friends over there have sent along the probability of Syracuse advancing to different rounds of the NCAA Tournament, based on their analysis. 

Can Syracuse make a run? Here is what has to say. 

Syracuse faces Dayton in round one. actually favors the Orange here, giving them a 52.2% chance to win and advance to the second round. Beyond that, things don’t look very optimistic. 

Syracuse has just a 9.1% of reaching the Sweet 16, which would likely mean an upset win over Michigan State. An Elite Eight run has just a 3.5% chance of occurring. 

If a Final Four run is in Syracuse’s future, they will have to really go against the odds. Syracuse has just a 0.9% chance of making it to Houston, a 0.2% chance of making the National Championship Game and a 0.1% chance of winning the whole thing. 

Those odds are not promising as far as a deep run. That said, there is a reason they still play the games. For Syracuse, take care of business against Dayton and then give Michigan State your best shot. See how it plays out. 

Those odds after MSU would drastically increase if the Orange found their way into the Sweet-16. For now, however, the percentages are about what you would expect.

Thanks to for passing the information along. 

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