Syracuse football players visited a child battling a life-threatening disease at a local hospital

Sometimes social media can be used for good. This is a shining example.

It started with a simple tweet. Jeff Healy's son is at Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse battling cystic fibrosis. His son is a huge Syracuse football fan. He tweeted to Brisly Estime and Eric Dungey asking if they could come by to visit. Then several other players.

Then the group known as the Cuse Twitter Army stepped up and helped set in motion of series of events that lead to a really cool moment for a child going through something with which no youngster should have to deal. Here is how the events played out according to Jeff Kelly, who runs the Syracuse site. 

A Syracuse fan known as Bonez on Twitter started tweeting to some players and parents of players. Healy himself even reached out directly to the Cuse Twitter Army's official twitter account for some assistance. 

That's when things really took off.

Several members of the Cuse Twitter Army got involved, tagged more Syracuse football players in the series of tweets and getting the attention of the program. Another user, known as heater22 was able to get in touch with Syracuse offensive coordinator Sean Lewis and passed along Healy's contact information. 

From there, Lewis set up a meeting where several players visited Jeff's son, Dylan Healy on Monday. Below are some tweets with pictures of the visit. It seemed to go very well, and left Dylan with a memory he will never forget. 

Kudos to the Syracuse football players for doing something so selfless. Kudos to the Syracuse fans that set this up. 

Social media can be filled with a lot of vile, horrendous things posted by anonymous users who hide behind a computer screen. But examples like this show how it can be a powerful tool used for good.

Everyone in Syracuse is rooting for you Dylan. Stay strong and Go Orange.


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