Q&A: Jason Emerich at ACC Media Days

Check out what Syracuse senior center Jason Emerich had to say during the 2016 ACC Kickoff event.

Q. This is obviously your last go-round, third head coach here. What makes this a successful final season at Syracuse for you?

JASON EMERICH: It's been a great time at Syracuse. Thankful for Coach Babers. We're ready to go out there and win. As a football player and competitor, being successful and having a great last year was going out there and win. Starts September 2nd.

Q. What can you say about the offensive line and everything that you've been through through this spring under Dino Babers?

JASON EMERICH: The coaches have high expectations of us. We have high expectations of ourselves. We want to go out there, have a great year. We want to be the best offensive line that we can be.

We're working hard towards that. We had great growth through the spring. We're going to try to keep working out through the summer, hit the ground running in fall camp.

Q. I wanted to ask you about your relationship with Eric Dungey. How have you grown more comfortable together with summer workouts? What do you think he can do this fall?

JASON EMERICH: Eric is a great play-maker. He's done some fantastic things. I have full faith in him to run this offense the way Coach Babers and we all want it to be run.

Personally, me and him have had a great connection going on starting last year when he came in. It's just grown significantly as time's went on.

Q. How have you adjusted personally to the speed of working within this offense?

JASON EMERICH: Just having faith in the coaches, having faith in our strength staff, they're getting us in shape the way we need to be. Pushing on and doing everything they're asking us to do.

Q. You've been on one honor roll or another in all of your years at Syracuse. How do you balance that student-athlete obligation and that student obligation?

JASON EMERICH: Well, I learned from my first day, one of my first days to Syracuse, I got some great advice from a former player, to just be where you're at. When you're on the football field, you can't be worrying about class or anything else going on. You need to be strictly about football, worrying about what's going on there.

When you're off the field in the classroom doing work, you can't worry about the missed block you had at practice, you have to focus on school.

Where you're at is most important to balance out and time manage everything.

Q. I know Dino cut out soda, has changed the way you guys view nutrition a little bit. What has that process been like for you? Now that you're a few months into it, do you start to feel more growth and gains from that?

JASON EMERICH: Well, I've never been a huge soda guy. I know it's nice to have it not around the building at all so there's no temptations. Coach has done a great job, Coach Babers, Coach E, they've done a great job at building our plan nutrition-wise to focus for the offense and for the whole team.

Q. Did you have to give up something that really hurt you?

JASON EMERICH: Not really. I mean, I try to eat healthy. The coaches give us a lot of leeway with our diets. But they make sure we have a few lists of things we're allowed to have. We've been working hard at that.

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