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Syracuse Football Training Camp Notebook: Practice #20

Syracuse football completed their 20th practice on Monday. Insider news, notes, observation and analysis from the open portion.

Syracuse football continued training camp on Monday. You can watch video of practice HERE. Here are news, notes and observations from the open portion.

  • Steve Ishmael looked more explosive than I've seen him in the last, continuing his strong camp. Caught everything thrown his way.
  • Spent some time watching Ervin Philips. He is clearly much more comfortable as a receiver than last year. Ran crisp routes, quick in and out of his breaks, and looked good catching the ball. A significant change from a year ago.
  • Defense worked a bit on alignment and defense line/linebacker assignments based on how the opponent lined up.
  • Adly Enoicy made a couple of nice catches on out routes.
  • Moe Neal was back with the running backs today.
  • Devin Butler stayed with the running backs as well.
  • Kyle Kleinberg was with the tight ends. He moves very well and has nice hands.
  • Scoop Bradshaw was again with the receivers. This move could be permanent. He looked very sharp running routes out of the slot. Caught everything.
  • One notable drop was from Kendall Moore, who promptly did push-ups as punishment. In his defense, the ball was thrown a bit behind him.
  • Eric Dungey was accurate throwing deep corner routes, though he did have an overthrow or two. 
  • The offense also spent time working on bubble screens, both to the slot and outside receiver.
  • As the offensive linemen worked on their stance and staying in it for a prolonged period of time, there noticeably fewer corrections than in previous practices. Nice to see Mackey MacPherson out there working with the guys.
  • Really liked how Jordan Fredericks was moving during drills. 
  • Rex Culpepper and Zack Mahoney had a few nice throws as well.

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