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Syracuse Football Training Camp Notebook: Practice #22

Syracuse football completed their 22nd practice on Wednesday. Insider news, notes, observation and analysis from the open portion.

Syracuse football training camp continued on Wednesday. Here are news, notes, observations and analysis from the open portion. 

  • Scoop Bradshaw looks very comfortable as a receiver. Moved well, sees the ball into his hands and runs strong routes. 
  • Brisly Estime looks really explosive. Quick, changes direction without losing speed, catching the ball well. 
  • Moe Neal, once again, is as quick as anyone on the roster. He will be a big time playmaker before his career is done. Was with the running backs today.
  • Walk-on running back Winston Lee worked with the defensive backs today. 
  • Devin Butler was back with the receivers today, and continues to look the part. High ceiling on him.
  • Both Eric Dungey and Zachary Mahoney threw the ball well. Accurate on most of their passes. Rex Culpepper also displayed a strong arm at times. The most impressive were on short and intermediate passes. Were some accuracy issues on deep balls from double moves.
  • Sean Riley continues to look small out there, but is smooth in his routes and has big time speed. 
  • Noticed Josh Parris working out of the slot a little bit in certain drills catching bubble screens. Looked solid and comfortable. 
  • Offensive line working on their stance and using their hands against defenders.
  • True freshman Kenneth Ruff spent time working with the tight ends today as cross training continues. 
  • Running backs worked on ball security drills as per the norm during the open portion. No notable issues here. 

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