Syracuse LB Commit Kadeem Trotter In Action

Syracuse commit Kadeem Trotter was in action last week in his team's final scrimmage. Here are clips of the three-star linebacker in action.


Even though we list him as a safety, it's pretty clear that Kadeem Trotter is going to play linebacker for Syracuse. As I watched him and filmed these clips a week ago, it's worth remembering that Trotter has not played much football to date. He did not play at all as a sophomore due to academic woes, and last he was injured in the first game and did not return until late in the year.

In these clips we can see Trotter is very comfortable playing in space and is very good in coverage. He has always played defensive back, so playing closer to the line of scrimmage is the adjustment for him. He is a physical football player that can run to the football, and that shows in these clips.

As he gains experience and learns more of the mental aspect of playing linebacker, Trotter has a chance to be one heck of a player. It will be interesting to compare this film to what he puts up six weeks from now. I suspect it will be dramatically better. 

I think we have Trotter ranked properly as a three-star recruit, and I'm anxious to see him play a full season football. 

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