Recruits Discuss Weekend Visit to Syracuse

Syracuse had over a dozen talented prospects on campus to watch their upset victory over Virginia Tech on Saturday. Several recap their visit inside. caught up with many of the recruits and commits that visited Syracuse on Saturday when the Orange knocked off Virginia Tech.

"It was amazing," Tommy DeVito said. "The atmosphere was unreal and the game that Syracuse played was really special. For the offense to do what they did agains that caliber of a defense, it really opened my eyes. Just really made it real. Because there was a lot of hype behind it and it definitely lived up to it."

"My visit to 'Cuse was perfect," Russell Thompson-Bishop said. "I loved everything about it. The coaches, the fans, the team, the other recruits. Felt like home to me. A place that I definitely see myself thriving at for the next four years. The win was huge for the program. Just a little preview to what this team has in store in the next couple years. 

"The atmosphere in the Dome was all positivity, loud as ever. Not once did a fan give up on the team. They continued to believe and trust. Also, a lot of the fans knew me by name and were very nice to me, which shows that the 'Cuse twitter army knows and cares about its commits."

"The recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach really like my highlights and said we'll be talking," Jalin Cooper said. "I talked to some of the coaches but I got here late so not all of them.

"Looked good in the first half. I like the offense a lot as an outside wide receiver with my size and speed. Virginia Tech has been a top team and 'Cuse outplayed them almost all day. 

"I should be back here in the next month or two."

"I loved it," Kevin Brennan said. "It was a great atmosphere to be in during the game. I love everything that I saw about the school. It definitely made a great first impression on me. I enjoyed seeing Syracuse play. 

"Specifically Daivon Ellison, who I got the opportunity to play along side when I was a freshman. I twas obviously a huge win for them and they definitely made a statement with their program. It's moving in the right direciton.

"It was great," Dez Boykin said. "I love the way they run their high tempo offense. They are always throwing the ball and as a receiver, that is an offense you want to be in. Being in the Dome was a great experience. It gets super loud and I love it. The atmosphere in the Dome is truly amazing. 

"I got to talk to coach Lynch and coach McCloud for a little bit before the game. Just about how my season is going. They didn't really say anything specially. They are sending me a lot of mail and handwritten letters and has no offer but hopefully they will give me one soon.

"It was great," Jehlani Galloway said. "I loved the facilities and what the program has to offer its athletes. As soon as kickoff started, the crowd was going crazy and everyone was up cheering. I could barely hear anything it was so loud but I loved it. 

"It was a great win for the 'Cuse because going into the game, Virginia Tech was ranked #17 in the nation. The passing game of 'Cuse was great and they had a stout defense as well.

"I talked to coach Asil for a little. He and the Syracuse staff watched my tape and really like it. How I'm able to go up and attack the ball as a receiver."

"The best visit I've attended," Onasis Neely said. "It felt like a family there. Also, the atmosphere was amazing and the Dome was very unique. I liked it a lot and the reception from the coaches was great. 

"The coaches were telling me about the legacy of the school and they seemed very excited to have me up. They want me to come up again and that they are very interested. 

"With coach Babers and his staff being in the first year trying to turn the program around, it was a huge win for Syracuse. When an unranked team upsets a top 25 team, the program becomes more desirable. I want to be a part of helping to turn the program around like they are doing now. 

"The Dome is the Loud House. It's honestly hard for any team to walk out of there with a win. The atmosphere is electric and the fans are into it. The student section is super energetic.

"Syracuse went very well, Kevin Doyle said. "It was my first time there so I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the Dome and could see myself playing there. I thought it was one of the coolest things about Syracuse. The atmosphere was very good as well. 

"Although there weren't too many people there, it still got extremely loud at times and that's all that matters. The fans were really passionate, which was awesome to see. As for the win, it is always great to see a team work hard and knock off the #17 team in the country. I was happy to be a part of it.

"The visit helped by interest in Syracuse a lot and sparked it immensely. I had never been there so I didn't know what to expect. After seeing all it has to offer, I really liked it and it is higher up on my board right now."

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