Brianna Adams

Playing for Babers

When the Cameras Aren't Rolling

 You've probably seen it by now.  People that don't follow Orange athletics have.  The speech - one that rivals the scripts of the greatest sports films ever made.  After Syracuse football's improbable victory in the Dome against an old-time rival in Virginia Tech, Dino Babers let his emotions pour out.  It just so happened that the cameras were rolling when he did.

It begs the question - is this the norm?  If you ask Senior Defensive End De'Jon Wilson, the answer is yes.
"Every week, every day actually, he always has something motivational to say to us," said Wilson.  "I just think it was time.  Guys are getting it.  Everything is clicking."
Coach Babers has since been on ESPN's SportsCenter.  He claimed he was a little embarrassed by all the publicity, but told America the reason for his outpouring.
Brianna Adams
"I try to give them the truth, something that will stick with them. On the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, maybe even something that will stick with them for life," said Babers.  "I want to tag something to it that they will always be able to draw from that will give the opportunity to be better fathers, better sons, better husbands."
"It's not just off that one particular speech," said Wilson.  "He always gives a speech.  He always motivates us."
According to the senior, the motivation goes beyond the football field.
"He gets us," said Wilson.  "We can relate to him, and he can relate to us.  He's always there, outside of football.  We can talk to him about our personal lives, personal things that are going on outside of football.  He's really just like a father-figure to all of us."

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