Ehrie just a 'regular kid'

Ryan Ehrie

The Vitals:
Height: 6-foot-7
Hometown/HS: Bethlem PA
LBS: 290
40: 4.92
Academic Interest: Undecided.
Also looked at: Maryland, Pittsburgh, Indiana, Michigan State.

Ehrie's coach estimates that Ehrie "pancake blocked" (knocked an opposing defensive end on his back) more than 40 players last year.

Ehrie also spends his time playing basketball and fishing with his friends.

"I'm just being a 17 year old kid," Ehrie said.

Ehrie committed to Syracuse earlier in the year because of the medium sized private school atmosphere that Syracuse provides and the coaching staff.

"I like the program that (head coach Paul Pasqualoni) runs there and the discipline that he has with his players," Ehrie said. "(Assistant) coach (George) DeLeone, he's a good coach, he's very intense. I like what he brings to the table with his pro options."

Previous statistics on Ehrie's power clean and squat were inaccurate and were deleted.

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