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UA Game: Tommy DeVito Solid to Syracuse

Scout speaks with Syracuse quarterback commit Tommy DeVito at the Under Armour All-America Game.

Scout caught up with Syracuse quarterback commit Tommy DeVito at the Under Armour All-America Game to discuss his commitment status, senior season and much more. 

Scout: Being an Under Armour All-American, the last step of your high school career, what's that like?

DeVito: "It's just been fun. All the work you put in as a little kid. To be able to go to the Elite 11, The Opening and then this, it's all just perks of the game and I'm enjoying it."

You've always had this chip on your shoulder as an under the radar guy, comparatively. What's that evolution been like from being sort of the new guy in that realm to getting to this point?

"The same thing as it was. I don't really pay attention to that too much. It's just part of it, you know? It doesn't really mean anything when you get on the field. To be called one of the guys, because a lot of these guys are going to be playing on Sundays one day, to be a part of this is a dream come true. To be able to go through the whole experience and compete against these guys, it's special."

Recap your senior year. 

"Going into senior year, I went to the Elite 11. From there The Opening and won MVP there. Going to my senior year, it started off rough, 0-3, out of state. Against American Heritage Plantation, St. Joe's in Philly and then (Archbishop) Moeller in Ohio. From there, we went in-state. We ended up going 6-5 and losing in the second round of the playoffs. It didn't really go as planned, but you can't really control everything. Especially one person You just have to be that leader that you can. Especially starting 0-3 and just trying to get everybody back. Just have to be a leader of the team and just not act like you're above everyone else. Just be one of the guys. Just keep moving them forward."

What else did you learn at that point being 0-3?

"Basically that I can't do everything on my own. Definitely just encouraging the guys around me. Making sure that they stay positive. Especially the offensive line. My junior year, we had probably the best offensive line in the state. i was only sacked four times all year. This year was a little different. So maybe just after a drive, just encouraging them and making sure everyone stays positive. Just being in their heads and making sure everyone's good for the next drive."

You've picked up some additional offers in the last few months. Who are the schools that have attempted to lure you from Syracuse?

"Two of the bigger ones are Texas A&M and Ole Miss. It was out of the blue. After the Elite 11, Texas A&M contacted one of my quarterback coaches. Trying to pull me away from Syracuse. I just simply told them 'no thank you.' Same thing with Ole Miss. That was probably about three weeks ago, though." 

What makes you say no thank you? What makes you stick with Syracuse?

"I know it sounds cliche, but just the part of the process where they were there from the beginning and not just because my name got big. So they really understood who I was before I did all this extra stuff. I made my decision that I wanted to be a leader in my class. If they were there in the beginning, then yeah, I would have given them a shot. But now that it was so late, I wasn't even going to consider it."

Your assessment of Dino Babers from where you stood. 

"He's just a great guy. A guy that my dad said he would trust me with every single day of the week. As far as how I'm going to be away, I'm going to be in college. He would trust him as a football coach. He's a really personable guy. So far to me and to the other kids on the team I've talked to, he has not lied to them yet. So that's a real big thing with trust. The offense that he brings is really something special. Especially for a quarterback that can do things in the run and the pass. It's really high scoring, up-tempo. Really put some points on the board. So that's special, especially with the caliber of kids we have coming in with this class."

Have you been able to take a peak or two ahead at that playbook?

"Yeah, for sure. It's nothing really too crazy. Just a different way of doing it. They can run one play 10 different times or ways. Different formations or motions. It's just different ways to get to it. It's all the same concepts, it's just something that the defense probably won't be able to see. That's why they're able to put points on the board."

What's the Tommy DeVito plan after the Under Armour game?

"Just training my butt off just to go into Syracuse. Weight room, mentally, physically, everything I can possibly think of. No other trips, just my (Syracuse) official on January 27th."

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