Schaeffer's success genetic

Brent Schaeffer's success at quarterback is genetic.

Schaeffer is the cousin of Hawkeye quarterback and Heisman runner-up Brad Banks, but perhaps he better resembles Syracuse-alum Donovan McNabb.

Schaeffer is a threat to run and pass, throwing for 31 touchdowns, while rushing for 15 more.

"I'm a dual threat quarterback," Schaeffer said.

Though he hasn't had an official visit to Syracuse, Schaeffer still has "high interest" in the school because of the long line of successful quarterbacks.

"I like the tradition of quarterbacks they play," he said.

The Vitals:

Position: QB
Height: 6-foot-2
Hometown/HS: Deerfield Beach, FL (Deerfield Beach, FL)
LBS: 200
40: 4.5
2002 Stats: 2574 yards passing. 31 throwing TDs. 573 rushing yards. 15 rushing TDs.
Interest level: High.
Also looking at: Notre Dame. Tennessee, NC State, Michigan, South Florida, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Iowa, Iowa State.

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