Syracuse Commits Talk Official Visit

Syracuse hosted several of their commits during a big official visit weekend. They react to the trips inside.

Q: How was the visit?

Brandon Berry: "It was great. I loved it. Feels like home. The best parts were the photo shoot and basketball game. I love the Orange jersey and the basketball was turnt. Good fans. I like the weight room presentation. They actually work with the players."

Dakota Davis: "It was awesome. The best parts were getting to meet some of the team and see all of the coaching staff again. Going out and exploring new parts of Syracuse. Also hanging out with the recruits of my class."

Aaron Hackett: "Awesome. Being around my future teammates and coaches. I felt like part of the family the second I got there."

Cam Jordan: "It was really fun. Getting to hang around the guys and start to build a bond with all of the players and coaches."

Ifeatu Melifonwu: "It was real good. The best part was meeting and hanging out with the guys in my class. We all connected and become friends really quickly."

Russell Thompson-Bishop: "Cuse visit was wonderful. Enjoyed myself to the fullest. Love the people, players, coaches and everything about the Orange. The love and support from the whole fan base of all sports, bonding with the whole team and coaches. Seeing that it's all a family and the fact that there's always something to do on campus."

Q: Who was your player host?

Brandon Berry: "Kayton Samuels. It's cool. I had a good time. Went to a little party."

Dakota Davis: "My host was Airon Servais. It was cool hanging out with the guys. He's a cool guy and I had fun."

Aaron Hackett: "Andrew Armstrong. It was cool to be around him and know he was in my shoes just a year ago. We hung out, played Madden and walked through campus."

Cam Jordan: "Kendall Coleman was my host and he was like a big brother in my eyes. He was in the same position I was in and he was telling me the ins and outs of Cuse. We just hung out in his friend's dorm with lots of people."

Ifeatu Melifonwu: "CJ (Carl Jones). It was good. I liked him. It was good to see things from a football player's perspective. We hung out in his room and other teammates' room. Went to dinner, etc."

Russell Thompson-Bishop: "My host was Moe Neal. It was good. He's cool and responsible but still knows how to have a good time. We went to parties and other dorms rooms or apartments."

Q: What was it like spending time with the coaches?

Brandon Berry: "It was good. For me, coming to get used to things and work hard."

Dakota Davis: "It was a good experience because I will be seeing them shortly and will be their player."

Aaron Hackett: "Being around the coaches was great. I am excited to be playing for them for the next four years. They just wanted me and the rest of the members of our class to come in ready to work hard and win some football games."

Cam Jordan: "Just keep working hard and they can't wait for me to get there full time."

Ifeatu Melifonwu: "It was nice. I think I really bonded with them."

Russell Thompson-Bishop: "It was great to see how those guys interact off the field to be able to see that I can make a bigger bond with them. They don't just just teach football, they team me how to transition into becoming a man. Their message to me was to finish high school as strong as I can. When it's my time to come up there during summer sessions, I better come to work. Don't expect anything. I have to work to gain respect and playing time."

Q: How was your experience at the Carrier Dome?

Brandon Berry: "It was live. The Dome is nice. It's going to be fun playing in it."

Dakota Davis: "The experience was incredible. The crowd was wild."

Aaron Hackett: "It was sweet. The Dome got really loud during the game. Seeing Syracuse beat my home team was pretty cool. I can't wait to see the Dome rocking like that during football season."

Cam Jordan: "Yes, loved it. It's definitely a lot to take in with fans but nothing I can't handle."

Ifeatu Melifonwu: "Good experience. It was so loud. Louder than expected."

Russell Thompson-Bishop: "The basketball game was electric. The fans and student section rooted on the team emphatically."

Q: Did the visit solidify your decision?

Brandon Berry: "Yeah."

Dakota Davis: "Yes."

Aaron Hackett: "Absolutely."

Cam Jordan: "Absolutely. It was everything I was looking for."

Russell Thompson-Bishop: "Yes 100%."

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