Sorry NCAA, but Jim Boeheim has 1,000 Wins

Regardless of what the NCAA says.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- We all know that many of the practices of the governing body of collegiate sports, the NCAA, are hypocritical and ridiculous. One of those practices is taking away wins. Something the NCAA did to Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim after an eight-year investigation into the basketball program. 

Boeheim was docked 101 wins in total, to be exact. Making Saturday's win over Virginia his 899th win, according to the NCAA, rather than his historical 1,000th. What did this practice do to Syracuse exactly? It prevented a celebration. It prevented a program, a town, a community and a fan base from having an official celebration. 

One that would likely have included a plaque or jersey, a video tribute with comments from friends and former players. 

Sorry, NCAA, but you are just wrong. Jim Boeheim does have 1,000 wins and it was worthy of celebration. Thankfully, the Orange fans, routinely considered among the best in college basketball, understood and recognized the moment. They had signs littered throughout the Carrier Dome that were waived proudly. / Mike McAllister

They stormed the court with a loud ovation as the game ended. 

Then, coach Boeheim came back onto the floor after exiting at the conclusion of the victory, and raised his hands to thank his adoring audience. It was quite the moment. 

But it still could have been more. 

To make matters worse, the NCAA does not vacate losses. So while Jim Boeheim's opponents have collected 1,000 combined losses, he is only credited for 899 official wins. Dumb. 

Regardless of what they may print, Jim Boeheim has 1,000 career wins. The NCAA's nonsensical practice of vacated wins after the fact does not change that. 

Post-Game Reaction to 1,000 Wins

Boeheim: "I don't ever talk about that stuff. I'm happy we got to 15 (wins this season). I know how many wins I've had. I'm very proud of that. Very proud of that."

Boeheim on signs in the stands for his 1,000th win: "I can't see that far away."

John Gillon: "That's just greatness right there. Coach will always be remembered. He's a great coach. I'm just blessed to be able to learn under him every day. I appreciate what he's taught me so far. Just his mindset on the game of basketball is perfect."

Tyler Lydon: "It's incredible. I wish it was something we could celebrate. But that's an incredible accomplishment. We're all very happy for him."

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