Bubble Watch: Wednesday Results, Thursday Games to Watch

Keeping an eye on bubble teams, how they performed Tuesday and which Wednesday games are important to Syracuse's bubble hopes.


Duke 79 Clemson 72

This essentially eliminates Clemson from contention. The Blue Devils pulled away in the second half after the game was tied in the first half. This was a good result for Syracuse

Cal 67 Oregon State 62

The son of former Syracuse star Stevie Thompson, Stephen Thompson Jr, did his best to carry a 5-27 Oregon State squad to an upset victory. A win would have helped the Orange, as it would have essentially taken the Bears off of the bubble. Cal pulling this one out does not really help their resume given the Beavers poor record and terrible RPI. 

TCU 82 Oklahoma 63

TCU's bubble hopes may be on the slim side, but a run in the conference tournament would help their cause. Oklahoma is under .500 on the year, so this does not enhance their resume. It does, however, give them opportunities for quality wins going forward. 

Rutgers 66 Ohio St 57

Consider the Buckeyes out of the NCAA Tournament with a terrible loss to a bad Rutgers squad. 

Virginia Tech 99 Wake Forest 90

This was perhaps the biggest result of the day for Syracuse. The Hokies win keeps another quality win off of Wake's resume, and should keep the Orange in front of the Deacs. 

Missouri 86 Auburn 83

Auburn had very slim chances to begin with, but losing to a sub-.500 Missouri squad eliminates them. 

Texas 61 Texas Tech 52

Similar to Auburn, Texas Tech was on the outside looking in to the NCAA Tournament bubble. Losing to a bad Texas team takes them out of the picture. 

Virginia 75 Pitt 63

Virginia's win means Pitt does not have a magical run in them to snag a bid. 

Xavier 75 DePaul 64

DePaul actually had a one point lead at halftime in this one. Then they remembered they are DePaul. Xavier's star point guard is out of the year with an injury, and they stumbled down the stretch. This does not enhance their resume, but Syracuse is looking for the Musketeers to lose sooner rather than later. 

USC 78 Washington 73

The Trojans have an impressive record, but the quality wins are not there. They are an interesting case, but likely in given the strong record in a major conference. 


Illinois vs Michigan

Two bubble teams. Michigan has the stronger resume and is the team Syracuse fans should hope is victorious. 

Middle Tennessee vs UTSA

MTSU sits at 27-4. They may be in even if they do not win their conference tournament. Syracuse fans should hope, however, that they keep winning and take the conference title. Just to make sure another spot isn't stolen. 

Tennessee vs Georgia

Tennessee is likely out without winning the SEC tournament. Georgia is there, but on the outside looking in. A couple of wins could change that. Syracuse fans should be pulling for the Volunteers. 

Penn State vs Michigan State

Michigan State is considered in right now. A loss to a Penn State team that is below .500 would be a big blow to their resume and help the Orange. 

Marquette vs Seton Hall

Two bubble teams, Marquette is considered to have the stronger resume. A win by them likely takes the Pirates out of consideration. 

TCU vs Kansas

A win over Kansas puts TCU back in strong consideration. A loss makes them 18-15 and likely eliminates them. Orange fans should be Jayhawk fans in this one.

Cal vs Utah

Syracuse wants as few quality wins on Cal's resume as possible. Right now, 16 of their 20 wins are against teams outside of the top 100. A Utah win would make Cal's record against quality opponents even worse. 

Iowa vs Indiana

Indiana likely needs two or three wins in the conference tournament to get back on the bubble. Iowa is squarely on it. Whoever loses is likely out. 

Vanderbilt vs Texas A&M

Many consider Vanderbilt in based off of their strength of schedule. A loss would make them 17-15. Without the quality wins that Syracuse has and with a loss that is far worse than any on the Orange's resume, a Texas A&M victory would make it difficult for the committee to take Vandy over SU. 

Xavier vs Butler

With Xavier's late stumble and injury to their best player, a Butler win helps the Orange.

Kansas State vs Baylor

A win by Baylor helps Syracuse here. Kansas State is firmly on the bubble, and Orange fans do not want a big win to enhance their resume. 

Creighton vs Providence

Providence is considered in. A loss puts them at 20-12 and lacking the wins that Syracuse has. Orange fans should be pulling for Creighton. 


Again, USC is probably in anyway, but a loss to UCLA would help Syracuse a bit. A win by the Trojans and they are even further into the field. USC has a poor strength of schedule and lacks quality wins. 

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