Bubble Watch: Friday Results, Saturday Games

Taking a look at the bubble results on Friday, games to monitor on Saturday and how they impact Syracuse's NCAA Tournament hopes.


Kentucky 71 Georgia 60

A solid win by the Wildcats should eliminate the Bulldogs, who do not boast an impressive resume. 

Rhode Island 74 St. Bonaventure 63

Rhode Island got another win to add to their resume. It will not help a lot as the Bonnies are not considered a quality win. The Rams are still on the outside of the bubble, lacking quality wins, but this game certainly helps them and was not what Syracuse fans wanted here. 

Minnesota 63 Michigan State 58

The Spartans resume has some major holes, and a loss against a good Minnesota team takes away a chance to bolster it. This was a good result for the Orange. 

Wisconsin 70 Indiana 60

The Badgers helped the Orange with a solid win. This knocks the Hoosiers out of contention. 

Villanova 55 Seton Hall 52

Seton Hall may already be in, but their resume is not overly strong when considering quality wins. That said, they have racked up a bunch of wins. Villanova beating them keeps a huge victory off of their resume. 

Vanderbilt 72 Florida 62 (OT)

This game was one of the bigger ones on Friday for Syracuse. Unfortunately for the Orange, Vandy was able to get by the Gators in overtime. Vandy still has a bunch of losses, but they have a low RPI and high strength of schedule. Interestingly, all of their top 25 wins are against Florida. Still, this win may put them in. 

Iowa State 84 TCU 63

Iowa State blows out TCU, ending the Horned Frogs' NCAA Tournament hopes. 

UConn 74 Houston 65

Another good result for Syracuse. A UConn win knocks the Cougars off of the bubble. 

Oregon 73 California 65

Despite 21 wins, Cal's record lacked quality wins. Oregon beating the Bears helps Syracuse and likely keeps them behind the Orange. 

West Virginia 51 Kansas State 50

Kansas State's win over Baylor may have put them in. Their resume compared to Syracuse's is very interesting. It all depends on which criteria you prefer. West Virginia pulling this one out keeps another quality win off of the Wildcats' resume.  


Kentucky vs Alabama

Alabama needs to win the SEC Tournament to have a shot. Well, they are just two wins away from doing that. A win by the Wildcats eliminates a potential bubble bursting automatic qualifier. 

Davidson vs Rhode Island

Again, Rhode Island lacks quality wins. Davidson would not help that cause. But if the Rams win the Atlantic-10 tournament, it does not matter as they get an automatic bid. A win by Davidson would really help the Orange here. 


SMU is well into the tournament and in the mix for a high seed. Central Florida needs to win the American Conference Tournament in order to make the NCAA field. A win by SMU takes UCF out, rather than putting the Knights into the conference title game. 

Arkansas vs Vanderbilt

The Razorbacks are well into the field, so knocking off Vanderbilt would help Syracuse. That would give Vandy 15 wins, and then the quality wins can come back up as a discussion. But Vandy's three wins over Florida may have them in regardless. 

Cincinnati vs UConn

Much like UCF, UConn's only hope is winning the conference tournament and they are two victories away from accomplishing that goal. With the Huskies playing at home, the Bearcats need to squash their momentum now to prevent a raucous home environment with an NCAA berth on the line. 

Middle Tennessee vs Marshall

Syracuse fans should be cheering hard for MTSU in the Conference USA title game. A Marshall win takes one bubble bid away, as MTSU is likely in regardless with an impressive 29-4 record. 

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