Syracuse UNC Wrapup - Postgame Quotes

Johnnie Morant on his contributions vs. UNC and his senior season:
"I want to be one of the leaders of this team. I want to be one of the reasons why we win. Just helping the team win. If we need a first down, I'm helping us get that first down. If we need to go long, I'm going long. And I should be making those (long TD passes) plays. That's my job."

Diamond Ferri on the comeback and his shoulder separation (he was in a sling):
"This is my first start on defense, this is my first separated shoulder, also. I am just happy to be out there (after missing a season). It's a big win, it's a big win for me, it's a big win for the team, and for Coach P."

Paul Pasqualoni on his thinking about the defense after seeing it shredded for 27 points in the first half.
"My thinking at halftime, and I told the kids, we are going to take it one series at a time. Improve one series at a time. Second half we had a fumble return, stopped them on fourth down, and had an interception. Not to mention that last play by Kelvin (SU LB Smith stopping UNC's final two point attempt with a saving tackle)."

R.J. Anderson candid and calm in describing what the win meant to him to get his final season off with a bang:
"I'm humbled, man. I got humbled big time last year. You go 1-6. You lose your job. I'm just grateful to get the opportunity to play again. Man, this is my first Division I win in, like, two years. I've been thinking about this since October. This will be the first night I can sleep in a long time."

Louis Gachelin on the defense's improvement as the game progressed:
"Every time we came off from a series, we went back to the drawing board. We'd look, we did this, we did this, correct this. These are some of the things you have to deal with when you're playing with young guys. You have to deal with the growing pains. The guys did a great job of capitalizing, also."

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