Louis Gachelin confident with defense

(Thoughts on next week)
We play Louisville this year. As we all know, my brother plays for that team. We expect whatever offense we played last year, when we played Auburn, probably the same team we're going to face this year. It's going to be a lot of run plays. I'm looking forward to playing Louisville. My performance last week, it was solid, but not where it should be. It's my first game back and all of the jitters are out the window. I'm looking forward to make something happen.

(Are you at ease?)
I don't think anything is at ease. Playing the first game on the road and getting a win like we did is momentum to the season. You can't win them all until you win the first game of the season.

(How did you guys make a comeback?)
We didn't come in the game expecting we'd be down that many points. The way they scored, we were giving them points. A lot of times when we had them in third down situation, one of us would get a bonehead penalty. We were kicking ourselves. We knew that the offense couldn't be stopped. We were gonna go out there, and get a three and out and get the offense the ball back. We said that to ourselves, and we believed in it. We did it, and it happened.

(More on that)
In the first half, we only gave up 37 rushing yards. We felt pretty confident that we could beat this game. We made them one-dimensional. We have a lot of guys in the secondary that played their first game. It wasn't a talent issue. It was just mental mistakes. As the game went on, we went back to the drawing board and fixed those mistakes.

(Confident in secondary?)
We have a lot of talented guys out there. Our secondary improved. It's just like on every time, when you got a guy out there, first game, you're going to make some mental errors. But as the game went on, they got confident. It was a butterfly feeling. As the game went on, the butterflies slowly left their stomachs. As the game went along, you saw that happen. Guys stepped up and made plays like they should have.

(Talk about RJ Anderson)
He was confident. He was coming to the defensive bench, and was like, c'mon guys, lets go. And when we made good plays, he gave up high fives. When we didn't make plays, he was like, keep your head up. That performance was greatly appreciated. He just kept everyone going.

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