Jared Jones completely comfortable with Anderson

(On UNC)
It was a big victory over North Carolina. As the statistics showed, we played well. Hopefully, with the guys playing well and focused, we can build on what we did last week and build on last week going into this week. Their defense is strong from the Kentucky game this season. We're looking forward to the challenge.

(Nervous at the end?)
From my prospective, it's quite easy. I just have to catch it and go to work. We've been in those games. I was a little more nervous at the end of regulation, obviously, but overall, it was just a sense of, we've been here before. Collin's been here before. I was confident that he was going to make the kicks.

(How about RJ?)
The statistics show you. What they don't show you is the leadership and control he had in the game. In that huddle, we've been in tight situations before. With RJ in there, he was in control. He's played in a lot of big games and he showed it. He was comfortable and he showed it.

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