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Plenty of talent will on display in Western New York this weekend

Memorial Day weekend will feature a talent ridden seven on seven event in Rochester (N.Y.).

For most, Memorial Day weekend is a time to relax. A time to spend with friends and family, maybe have a barbecue and simply get away from the stresses of normal every day life. For many seven on seven squads in the Northeast, however, it is a time to work and display their talents. 

At Eastridge High School in Rochester (N.Y.) this weekend, several of the top seven on seven teams from the region will come together for an event that puts some of the best regional talent against each other. Former Imhotep head coach and USA TODAY coach of the year honoree Al Crosby will also be attending. 

He says a huge benefit to events like this is the added exposure for prospects as well as the opportunity to compete against talented players. Western New York prospects have gained more and more notoriety on the recruiting trail, thanks in large part to events like this organized by Kala Gause. 

Over the last few recruiting cycles, more and more players from Western New York have earned scholarship opportunities at all levels of college football. Having an event with so many teams from throughout the Northeast is another major step in his efforts to promote football in Western New York.

Here are some of the notable teams and players that will be participating. 

Head coach: Victor Tedondo
Academy has produced former elite division one recruits including Luiji Vilain (2017 Michigan signee), Patrice Rene (2016 North Carolina signee) and Jonathan Sutherland (2017 Penn State signee). 
Notable players: 2021 QB Christian Veilleux, 2021 CB Josh Baka, 2019 DB Arthur Hamlin

Head coach: Will Croom
Notable players: 2020 QB Brady Martin, 2020 TE Preston Parsons, 2018 RB Kevin Mensah

Head coach: Zane Howard
Notable players: 2018 QB Braeden Zenelovic, 2018 DB Cory Gross, 2018 ATH Rayshawn Boswell

Head coach: Daryl Overton

Head coach: James Mallory
Notable players: 2018 QB Dylan Kmitch, 2019 CB Shaleek Mitchell

Head coach: Dave Thomas

Head coach: Keyonte Moore

TEAM 412 (PA)
Head coach: Jose Regus
Notable players: 2018 3-star DE TJ Banks, 2018 CB Robert Kennedy, 2018 ATH JaQuae Jackson, 2018 WR Tresean Howard, 2018 ATH Naszhir Taylor

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