Q & A With Dave DeAmato

Senior long snapper Dave DeAmato earned a scholarship with the Orangemen this season after spending the 2002 campaign as a walk-on.

Q. After playing one season as a walk-on, you were given a scholarship. Go through the process of when you found out and your reaction.

A. It was rumored for a while that I was going to be given one. It was actually during the season last year that the rumor started. You have enough to worry about during the season, so you don't have time to worry about that and go in the coach's office and ask about it. So...when the season ended and before I went home, I mentioned it to Reggie Terry (Director of Football Operations) and wanted to know where I was at with it. Like he is supposed to, he told me that he would talk to the coach. But, Coach Mac was the one who told me. He said don't tell anyone, but I talked to Coach P. and I think you are going to get it. This was at the beginning of Spring. This is actually my second semester on scholarship, but nobody knew about it, because last semester I found out before the beginning of the semester. It was a quiet process. I went in and signed the letter. It was a nice letter and I kept it and everything, but it wasn't like the fanfare that a high school recruit has, but I was happy about it.

Q. Who was the first person you told?

A. I was pretty excited about it. I was hoping it was coming. It would have been more of a surprise if I hadn't gotten it. It would have been a more difficult call to make. Because I was like, I think I'm getting it, I think I'm getting it. I called my mother and told her I did get it. She was so happy. It was a big relief for them because they have been taking most of the loans out to pay for school.

Q. Was it your dream when you came here to play for the Syracuse University Orangemen?

A. No, not really.

Q How did you happen to walk-on then?

A. I had transferred a couple of times and hadn't found a school that I liked. I was running a football program for the Policy Studies program, and I had a few football players that were helping me. It was for underprivileged youth for about 5-6 weeks. I was playing football with them, just little kids and everything, and I heard that the team didn't have a long snapper and I had done it in high school. So I mentioned it to one of them that maybe I would come out. They mentioned it to Coach White (Special Teams coach) and he told them to tell me to come down. It started the long process of walking on. It takes a while to get through compliance.

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