The Diesel

Syracuse defensive lineman Louis Gachelin lives, breathes, sleeps, dreams, eats and digests sports. <br><br> It's been like that ever since he was born- perhaps even before.

His father, Frank Gachelin played football for Army. His uncle, Francis Gachelin, played football for Miami. His mother, Maggie Gachelin played soccer in high school.

"My family is a very competitive family," Gachelin said. "Everyone's always trying to outdo each other."

That was certainly the case last week when Gachelin's brother, Elvis Dumervil and the Louisville Cardinals rolled into town.

While Dumervil, also a defensive tackle, never lined up directly from Gachelin, their performances were compared to one another's.

Of course, when brother squared off against brother, it was a no-win situation for Gachelin's parents.

"I'm just going to root for them to do well," Maggie said.

When friends and family of the Gachelins showed up, they dressed half in Louisville clothes, half in Syracuse.

Still, Frank had already picked his side.

"I'm going to root for Syracuse," Frank said. "Louis is a senior. It's his last year."

Though Gachelin and Elvis were on opposite sides of the field for the first time, it likely won't be the last time Gachelin faces off against his brother. After all, the Gachelins are known for breeding athletes.

More on Louis Gachelin can be found in this month's issue of The Juice.

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