HACK ATTACK: "The Playmakers"

They call it the "playmakers club." This much is known about it. It exists. There are players that are part of the group. No one who is a part of this group is letting on to its membership.

"It's a couple of guys," RJ Anderson said. "You know who they are."

So for starters, add Anderson to the group.

And then there is Anderson's roommate Walter Reyes – if he's not in the group, then no one deserves to be. But if Reyes has made this elite group, then his offensive line and fullback Thump Belton should be included as well.

After all, as coach Paul Pasqualoni said after SU's victory over Central Florida, "Somebody's has to be blocking somebody."

Then there are the wide receivers. Johnnie Morant has to be included in this group. Morant's dazzled with his touch catches and constantly draws double teams. Morant's already captured the Big East special teams player of the week for his efforts.

Anderson also let on that tight end Joe Donnelly had elite membership.

"He adds another strength," Anderson said. "People didn't know what he did for us last year."

So far, we have a wide receiver, a tight end, an entire offensive line, a running back, a quarterback and a fullback.

And that's just the offense.

On defense, captain Rich Scanlon led the nation in tackles for two weeks. Steve Gregory has anchored a steadily improving secondary. Just last week, Thomas Whitfield was named Big East defensive player of the week.

Oh, then there was Kelvin Smith, who has registered a key stop against North Carolina and an interception against Central Florida in his relatively young career. And while the defense has caught up to the offense the past two games, Syracuse still has only registered one sack. But it figures that at least one of the defensive linemen has to be part of this clique.

Let's not forget special teams. Brendan Carney consistently graces the endzone on kickoffs while Collin Barber's foot has just as much value as Anderson's arm. But Barber needs a snapper – so Dave DeAmato should be in this group too.

So that's a quarterback, a fullback, a linebacker, an offensive line, a defensive line, the secondary -- oh, don't forget the linebackers -- the tailbacks, the kicker ... am I missing anyone?

Maybe what Anderson and his group of buddies on the "Playmakers" are forgetting, is that everyone needs to be a playmaker, when the Orangemen head down to Virginia Tech this weekend. The offense will need to keep the ball on the field for as long as possible, and the defense will need to stop a Tech team that's known to be potent through the air and on the ground.

Anderson should've known, before letting on to the media, football is a team game, and not one or two "playmakers" are going to make the difference.

No special teams, and the Orangemen are going to find themselves with terrible field position. No offensive line, and Reyes gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage. No secondary, and Toledo throws for more than 500 yards.

Playmakers? It's probably just another name for "Syracuse Orangemen."

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