Basketball Media Day

What will Syracuse do for an encore? Check in to find out.


What effect will the absence of Carmelo Anthony cause?
I'm gonna get 10 more shots a game.


Is there more of a burden on Hakim Warrick to score with Carmelo gone?
I think so, but everyone else is coming in. We're going to help out. It's not going to be him on his own. Carmelo was a big loss, and just to put all of the pressure on Hakim like that, it's a lot pressure. We're gonna be there.


Have people started to notice who you are around campus?
I try to make people know. I want people to know who I am. I try to introduce myself to people. I try to make friends with everybody. I'm the type of person that loves to have a lot of fans.


Have people started to notice who you are around campus?
Terrance, he runs the floor really well. He can rebound and his shooting has improved a lot. Watkins, he runs the floor well also. He can dunk really hard, he got stronger in the post. Louis has improved his shot a lot. He's like a point guard type guy. Me, I can shoot the ball really well and I run, and play defense.

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