Jim Boeheim focuses in

How will coach Jim Boeheim refocus his team after the most successful runs in the history of Syracuse?

(Coach, what are you general thoughts on this year?)
Every year is new. We're 0-0 right now. That's all this team has to worry about. They don't' have think about anything else. Go forward from here, try to be the best team this team can be. No carryovers in team sports.

(Do you feel any different this year?)
I feel just like I do every year. We need to get this team together and make this a good basketball team.

(How does last year affect this year?
They all know what they are. They know what they have to do. They want to be a great basketball team and that's what they're going to focus in on. We're not last year's team. We're a different team. We have to approach it that way. They have the confidence that they gained from last year and that's something that all your experiences are what make you what you are.

(How about the freshmen?)
They've worked hard. They've done everything in conditioning that we've asked them to do. Guys have been come back bigger and stronger. Even the young guys have gained more weight than we would've thought in this stage. That's all great. This group has worked very hard getting ready. They've had almost six weeks of conditioning. That's a lot.

(More on the freshmen)
Whenever you incorporate four new guys, it's going to take time. Fortunately, we have seven guys back who understand the program and have a good idea of what we try to do.

You only lost two players last year, will that make a difference?
It's always good to have experience. We're still a relatively young team with experience. We only have one senior but we have experienced guys. We have some very good freshmen that can contribute. We'll see how much. I really have no idea right now. A couple weeks, we'll have a better idea how these guys will fit in. We have a lot of work to do with them.

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