Q & A With Billy Edelin

Recently, Wesley Cheng had a chance to catch up with Syracuse point guard Billy Edelin. Here's what Edelin had to say about the upcoming season.

(How is your championship ring?)
I gave my ring to my dad. I don't even have it anymore. But that whole experience, walking down Bourbon Street, that whole experience, you just want to get back. You don't have to worry about the hunger issue.

(Do the freshmen always ask to see it?)
They always say, let me see that ring, and I'm like, y'all have got to get your own. They'll be ready.

(What do you think of the freshmen?)
A lot of those guys can knock down their shots. It's not like they're just athletes. They can play. They all come from winning programs. That's the biggest thing. When you come from a winning program, you expect to do it here too. It'll help us a lot. They'll be all right.

(Do you think the freshmen are too cocky?)
I don't think you can be overconfident as long as you're working out and trying to get better. If you just think you're too good to get better then that's different. But if you're confident and putting in the work, that's OK.

(Which freshmen class is better?)
We just played them the other day and we won 7 straight games. Terrance didn't want us to leave. I liked that. They were talking trash. We had to let them know.

(How about Carmelo?)
I'm not gonna try to say that we don't need him here. But I think that it will allow everyone to step up and do so much more. It's going to make us better all around as a team.

(How will the team be different this year?)
I think Gerry is going to shoot from the outside. More than anything, it'll help to defend us because teams knew who was going to get the ball, they just couldn't stop him. This year, teams don't know who's going to get the ball. It'll allow us to switch up the play calling a little more.

(Do you consider yourself a veteran?)
I've been through so much stuff I might as well be a veteran. It's weird because I only played half a season and out of those games, 7 or 8 was just getting back into it.

(More on the freshmen)
Those guys came in and saw our rings and that was a great experience for them to know they were coming into a school that just won. But they want to get one for themselves. They're coming in with the attitude like they have to help us to make this team better so they can get their own ring.

(How about Louis McCroskey?)
But the thing I like about him the most is he'll come up to you and ask questions to try to learn. He'll be like, you played today and your team won because you were running the show. It's more about the head game in college. You have to be able to know the floor game. He's learning and he's not ashamed to ask.

(More on the freshmen point guard)
I noticed a lot of time, when he went to the whole and he'd lay it, and he'd be like, dang, how did I miss it? I told him you have to put your shoulder in his chest. You might give a little "ah" and you might get the foul call. I started seeing him doing it on the workouts.

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