Same old, same old

Twenty minutes after his team succumbed to West Virginia on Saturday, Syracuse quarterback R.J. Anderson met the press with a bold message: <br><br> "We're not going to just fold after this," Anderson said. "We've got confidence. We're not like the (team) from 2002."

Funny because, in its 34-23 loss to the Mountaineers, Syracuse looked a lot like the Orangemen from a season ago. The same old problems – turnovers, poor kicking and sloppy coverage in the secondary – cost Syracuse a win.

"It's kind of like the same problems just keep on happening," SU running back Walter Reyes said. "We just made too many mistakes to win."

Syracuse fumbled three times in the first half, and twice West Virginia recovered the ball. On one of those fumbles, Reyes injured his left leg, causing him to miss much of the second quarter.

Still, Syracuse managed to hobble into halftime with the score tied at 17. And, even after West Virginia hit a field goal midway through the third quarter, it seemed anybody's game.

But on the first play of the fourth quarter, SU kicker Colin Barber missed a short field goal and momentum swung West Virginia's way. On their next possession, the Mountaineers marched down the field, scoring a touchdown on a 24-yard reception by Chris Henry to earn a 27-17 lead.

Syracuse managed to march back down the field for a touchdown, but Barber pulled the ensuing extra point wide of the upright. One minute later, with 5:02 left, Chris Henry caught another touchdown pass, this one for 67 yards.

"It's frustrating to watch that happen," Anderson said. "But that's just football. We made the most mistakes, so we lost."

Said SU running backs coach David Walker: "I don't know if they won that game. But we sure as hell lost."

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