Crouthamel will address media later this week

Syracuse Director of Athletics Jake Crouthamel guaranteed at least another few days of speculation over the future of football head coach Paul Pasqualoni following Syracuse's 38-12 victory over Notre Dame.

"Coach Pasqualoni and I are meeting tomorrow to talk about the future of the football program," Crouthamel said. "We will go through the evaluation process that we do every year with consideration given to all factors – past, present and future. We plan to address this publicly at the end of the week. Until that time, no statements will be made by either coach Pasqualoni or myself."

Before Crouthamel addressed the media, Pasqualoni didn't answer any questions about the future of his job when asked.

"I'm not going to get into that," Pasqualoni said. "We're here to talk about today's game."

Several players, including quarterback R.J. Anderson, tailback Walter Reyes and defensive lineman Christian Ferrara pledged support for Pasqualoni.

"(Pasqualoni) ain't going anywhere," Reyes said. "That's just a wild guess. I hope he doesn't go anywhere. If he goes, I'd be heartbroken."

Said Anderson: "I hope he's back (next year). I can't say, but I can pretty much guarantee he'll be back."

Pasqualoni's future with Syracuse took a turn for the worse after last Saturday's 24-7 loss to Rutgers, a team the Orangemen have generally played well against. The loss dropped Syracuse to 2-5 in the Big East, ahead of only Temple.

Should Syracuse have lost today, it would've marked the second season in a row Syracuse had a losing season. Last year, the Orangemen finished 4-8.

Some have said Pasqualoni has done little with huge talent. The Orangemen have not competed for a national title even with huge names coming through the university, including quarterback Donovan McNabb, linebacker Dwight Freeney, receivers Kevin Johnson and Marvin Harrison and cornerback Will Allen.

The speculation was further fueled by the relative silence of Crouthamel. Last season, when the Orangemen were mired in the worst season under Pasqualoni, Crouthamel told reporters that Pasqualoni would be back this year. No such promise came from Crouthamel at any time this season.

But while Pasqualoni's past two seasons have been subpar, he still owns a 101-52-1 record at the helm and regularly graduates a large percentage of his student-athletes. Pasqualoni is also heavily involved in the community and is liked by players.

"We love that man," Ferrara said. "He'll give up time with his children to be with us. He'll do anything for us. (If Pasqualoni is fired,) that will be the biggest mistake this university ever makes."

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