Crouthamel set to address media Friday

Some have said Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni will return for a 14th season as the football head coach. Others have said Pasqualoni will be forced to resign. Still others have said Pasqualoni will return, but will need to gut his coaching staff.

These rumors have amounted to just that – rumors. No one has been able to get an inside track as to the future of the Syracuse football program.

Friday, these questions will be answered. A press conference has been schedule for tomorrow at 11 a.m. in the in the lobby of the Iocolano-Petty Football Wing where Syracuse Director of Athletics Jake Crouthamel will tell the media the future of his plans for the football program. After Syracuse's 38-12 whipping of Notre Dame, Crouthamel said little about Pasqualoni's future.

"Coach Pasqualoni and I will be meeting tomorrow to talk about the future of the football program," Crouthamel said. We will go through the evaluation process as we always do with consideration given to all factors – past, present and future. ... Until that time, neither Coach Pasqualoni, nor I will make any statements."

Since then, Crouthamel's statements have been picked apart. His emphasis on the word "past" could be a sign that Pasqualoni will return. His use of the word present could mean Pasqualoni's gone.

Pasqualoni's past has been solid with the Orangemen, as Syracuse has compiled a 101-53-1 record during Pasqualoni's turn at the helm. But the key phrase for some has been, "What have you done for me lately?" and Pasqualoni doesn't have anything more than a 10-14 record to show for that in the past two seasons.

And that is all anyone has to go on. Crouthamel has followed through with his statements, and hasn't said anything about the future of the program since Saturday. Will Pasqualoni be gone or will he stay?

No one knows, and likely won't know until 11 a.m. Friday.

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