What They Say About Jim Boeheim

When Jim Boeheim was hired as the Syracuse University head basketball coach on April 3, 1976, there was no such thing as the Carrier Dome or the Big East. Most current Syracuse students weren't even born and the United States sat smack dab in the Carter Administration.

Talk to anyone and they'll have an opinion on the man behind the famous scowl and plaid-orange blazers. Here's what 15 people close to Boeheim had to say about the coach who led his team to their first national championship and who continues to pile up the victories.

"I love Coach Boeheim. I think he's one of the greatest college coaches. Anyone that ever says anything bad about him, I'm always here to back Coach up. I think Coach is a great coach. He lets you play your game and he deserves more credit than he's getting. Hopefully we can win that big one, one of these days."John Wallace, former Orangeman,

"He has a way of coaching that lets you coach. You're working with a living Hall of Fame legend. He leads by example and what an example to follow. Recruiting for SU, with the program he has built, is like selling Dunkin' Donuts. It sells itself. Incoming freshmen should get a SU icon on their computer with Boeheim as the cursor. He's not a used car salesman, what you see is what you get. He's a made man without any type of kryptonite."Mike Hopkins, former Orangeman, assistant basketball coach, Syracuse

"Game coach, practice coach, he is the best." Kenneth A. "Buzz" Shaw, Chancellor of Syracuse University

"Jim's record speaks for itself. You always know you're in for a tough game when you go up against someone like that. He's a great coach." Jim Calhoun, head basketball coach, Connecticut

"He's just a great coach. The consistency he's put in really speaks for itself. They say he's rebuilding every year. They said that the year before we went to the championship game and lost to Indiana. Never count Syracuse out with Jimmy roaming the sidelines." Bernie Fine, assistant basketball coach, Syracuse

"Jimmy is one of the slickest guys I know. Jimmy cries every year. I lost all this and I lost all that, and he still wins every year. Don't believe what Jimmy tells you okay. I play golf with Jimmy and he whines before ‘Oh, I can't hit the ball,' and he shoots a 74, ‘Oh, I had a bad day,' and he shoots 79. I have a bad day and I shoot a 100. I've been around Jimmy too long. That's why he lasted all these years. He's a sly old fox." Gale Catlett, former head basketball coach, West Virginia

"He's a living legend. I'm glad just to have a chance to be close to that. Obviously, he's a very competitive guy, a very intelligent guy. It's a thrill just being able to work with him. I wanted to help him do the one thing he hasn't done, and that was win an NCAA Championship."Troy Weaver, assistant basketball coach, Syracuse

"People forget that when he came to play at Syracuse it was one of the worst Division I basketball programs in the country. He and Dave Bing came in and turned that program around. He'll always be remembered as a great basketball coach, but for the lives he's affected, the difference he's made for the people in the community and to the lives of cancer survivors that were once looking for hope, he'll be No. 1 in a very different regard." Jim Satalin, Coaches vs. Cancer

"Part of the reason I came to Syracuse is because I wanted to play for him. He's been a great coach and he's helped me throughout my four years here." Damone Brown, former Orangeman

"He has as much enthusiasm now as when he first started. He's a great basketball teacher and in the classroom he's been very successful. The one shot people used to take at him is that he hasn't won the national championship. That's ridiculous. Just look at what Jim has done for this program." Larry Kimball, former Sports Information Director, Syracuse University

"There's nothing bad to say about him. I've never questioned his decisions, no matter what they were. " Allen Griffin, former Orangeman and administrative assistant to the program

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