Syracuse vs. Virginia Tech Notebook

A press release before Saturday's game explained why Billy Edelin did not play. Edelin did not play because of "personal issues not related to basketball or academics." It also added that there are no school or NCAA violations. He is out for an indefinite period of time.

After the game, Coach Boeheim remained mum on the status of Edelin.

"It (the press release) is pretty self explanatory," said Boeheim.

Other facts and quotes from Saturday's game include:

"He's gonne be missed, especially in these next couple games on the road. It's gonna be tough. It's just something we gotta get through" - Hakim Warrick talking about Edelin's absence.

"It's tough to play without him because we had to get another chemistry going, being that he handles the ball most of the time" - Josh Pace discussing Edelin's absence.

"We went with Nichols because we wanted to see what would happen with a bigger lineup. But I told both guys (Demetris Nichols and Louie McCroskey) they were gonna get in there and play." - Coach Boeheim talking about the decision to start Nichols over McCroskey. McCroskey played 21 minutes. Nichols played 27 minutes.

"He played real aggressive tonight and he was a big part of the win" - Warrikc on Demetris Nichols's performance.

"I think we needed this win, no matter if it was Virginia Tech or Cornell or anybody...we just needed a win" - Josh Pace.

"This is the best I've seen him play above the rim this year" - Boeheim talking about Jeremy McNeil's night. McNeil had seven points and five rebounds in 21 minutes.

"This is the first night I can remember where he got pushed around" - Boeheim on Hakim Warrick's night. Warrick had 15 points and seven rebounds, but only attempted nine shots because of the physical defense.

"The people who paid to watch us compete in the first half should have gotten a refund" - VT head coach Seth Greenberg on his team's first half play.

"I was proud of our guys in our ability to get back in the game" - Greenberg discussing VT's efforts to cut the SU lead to six in the second half.

"The thing you can appreciate as you watch is everyone's roles are defined so clearly" - Greenberg talking about the balance on SU's roster.

"It's gonna be Big Monday on the big stage. We gotta come ready to play" - Warrick talking about Monday's matchup with UConn.

"I thought it in the beginning of the year and I haven't changed my mind. I thought they were the best team in the country" - Boeheim on UConn's talent.

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