Class Has Shortcomings Too

While Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni is happy with his newest Orangemen, he recognizes that the recruiting program has some shortcomings too.<br><br>

Specifically, he knows the team should've done a better job recruiting in New York, especially in losing out to the region's homegrown superstar running back Mike Hart, who committed to Michigan.

"I'm happy about the eight kids we got in the state of New York, we're pleased with that and who they are," said Pasqualoni. "Anytime an outstanding prospect leaves the state, you don't feel good about it. It's something we're continually talking about."

Syracuse lost out on four New York names to Penn State and Hart to Michigan.

"Personally, I feel I've got to do a better job of somehow convincing those kids that Syracuse is the state school," said Pasqualoni. "It's something that we've really got to continue to work on."

Though Syracuse lost out on some talent in New York, they made the most out of the metro-Washington D.C. area, signing nine players.

"We did very well recruiting the Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. area," said Pasqualoni. "Syracuse is well known and we have a wonderful group of people there."

Pasqualoni attributes their success in the area due to Art Monk, the famed Washington Redskin and Syracuse alumni, and to Chris White, who has done the bulk of recruiting in the area.

"When you can go down and beat Clemson, Maryland and Virginia on a kid, you're doing a good job," said Pasqualoni, who said that Syracuse did just that on some recruits. "Those kids from Washington D.C., Maryland and northern Virginia were kids that people wanted and that's pretty impressive."

Pasqualoni recognized that there a lot of factors that go into scoring recruits from that area. He said he thinks that they like the fact that the university is private and that academics are a priority. The commits like the non-conference schedule and the fact that Syracuse is in the Big East, he said.

"Kids like all those things. They like the exposure," said Pasqualoni. "We're making the commitment to upgrade our facilities. It's going to be exciting and I think those kids see it that way, the chance to come here, compete and play."

Ultimately though, Pasqualoni said that the toughest loss this year in recruiting was with the in-state kids.

"I don't like losing in-state kids," said Pasqualoni, who is already working to improve upon that by searching around the New York City area. "We've identified a few juniors and in all honesty, a couple guys we're going to offer. There's probably three guys down there we've already offered scholarships to."

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