Should Johnson Play The Waiting Game?

Marcus Johnson has a strong top five list, but the athletic 6-5 small forward/swingman from Westchester H.S. in Los Angeles isn't making any promises about when he'll announce a college choice.<br><br>

Johnson, who is playing here at the Reebok ABCD Camp in New Jersey this week, said that Georgia Tech, Connecticut, Syracuse, Louisville and Texas round out his top five choices, although he's also considering Georgetown and Arizona.

A fine run/jump athlete who thrives in transition, Johnson added that he's not really sure when he will announce a decision. Several of the programs on his list -- such as Louisville and Syracuse, have recently landed commitments from perimeter players.

So should Johnson play the waiting game and take some official visits in the fall, or should he snatch up a scholarship offer before someone else can? It's not an easy decision.

"I face a dilemma," Johnson admitted. "I'd like to make a decision as soon as possible, and I'd say there's a 50/50 chance I could do something before the end of the summer."

"I would like to wait and take some visits and take my time," he continued. "But other players might pressure me to make a decision, because if they commit to a school I like, I might lose the scholarship."

Seattle swingman Terrence Williams' recent selection of Louisville hasn't dulled Johnson's outlook on the Cardinal program.

"He's a two-three, and I am a two-three also," Johnson said. "We could play at the same time, because Louisville will return only one wing player by the time I get there."

Michigan combo guard Eric Devendorf's pick of Syracuse also left Johnson undeterred. "I think it will help the program a lot, because Eric is a great shooter and a good passer," Johnson said. "His commitment doesn't affect me because I am a two-three and he's more of a two-one."

Georgia Tech, coming off a Final Four appearance this past spring, has gained some momentum on Johnson's list.

"It's a good situation in terms of playing time and a chance to start," he said. "The ACC is a great conference and they have a great coach."

After ABCD, Johnson hopes to continue impressing coaches at the Reebok Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas.

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