'Cuse On 2006 Recruit's List

His long arms and bouncy spring in his step make Curtis Kelly a very attractive recruit for many high majors in division one basketball. The lefty forward from Rice High School in New York City possesses a lean frame at 6-foot-8 and 205 pounds.<br><br>

"We have a good team and I have had a good time here," said Kelly, referring to his experience at the ABCD Reebok camp. "There are good players here and it's a good chance to improve your game."

Among the aspects of his individual game he would like to improve, Kelly stated: "I want to improve my jumpshot and my ballhandling."

Kelly, a rising junior, is expected to compete with the New York City Gauchos this summer. This site will have updates on the Gauchos later this month when they compete in Orlando, Florida.

Curtis will likely see several staffs follow him around this summer. "I like Georgia Tech, Texas, North Carolina a lot," Kelly said. "They are probably my top three schools right now. I still would like to go away from the area."

By area, Kelly means the "New York City area.

"I am still going to consider Syracuse because they are way up there in New York State," he stated. "And I want to consider Connecticut too since they are away from the area."

Curtis will likely be rated high on many scouts' list. The Insiders Report has him among their top three in our New York State 2006 list. And the offers that are on his table already will grow over the next year.

"I am not really focusing alot on my recruiting," he stated. "There are some schools I like a lot -- the schools I already mentioned. But I am still open."

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