Q & A with Walter Reyes

Walter Reyes, a preseason Heisman candidate, shares his thoughts on the upcoming season with The Juice.

Q. How confident are you headed into this season?

A. Of course. We had a great summer program up here. The whole team did. The season is less than two weeks away. I just can't wait. We have a lot of things to prove this year. It's time to put the pads back on.

Q. How do you feel being listed as a Heisman Candidate so early?

A. It's great. It's more for the team than just myself. You can't forget about my offensive linemen. Guys that block for me. It's great when people bring up my name, but I can't do it by myself. It's more than just Walter Reyes but it's great. Don't get me wrong it's great.

Q. Have you seen the "Reyes for Heisman" tshirts yet?

A. I saw the one last year. I had some random guy at my apartment asking me for my autograph.

Q. You lived with quarterback RJ Anderson last year. Who are you living with this year?

A. Anthony Smith this year.

Q. Who of the two is neater?

A. Anthony. I lived with Anthony two years ago before I lived with RJ. Not to say that RJ was sloppy, but Anthony is a little better.

Q. Describe your running style.

A. I would just say power with speed too. I always get that question. Who do you run like? I run like myself. I just say power and speed.

Q. Can any one person in the entire nation bring you down?

A. Personally, I'm a firm bliever in my abilities. No. You have to think that way. I believe not. Once I start getting full steam ahead of me, you have to really bring force. I believe I'll win 95 percent of the time.

Q. Talk about your offensive line.

A. Matt Tarullo, Adam Terry, Jason Greene - those guys are experienced guys. This summer, the whole team got stronger, faster so we'll be more explosive. More powerful I should say. It's exciting for me because I've played with these guys for a long time. Adam Terry looks great. Tarullo looks good. For a running back, that's great. It brings a smile to your face.

Q. You started off really well, and then you had some struggles in the Big East schedule. What do you think happened?

A. I think, personally, teams were out to stop me. I talk with a lot of guys after the game, and the linebacker says 'the whole game plan was to stop you.' The linebackers reads were off me. A lot of time, not to say the defenses were sorry, but that's what happens. You're going to have your on and off games. Boston College, Rutgers, and Virginia Tech held me in check. I give credit to them too. But I had good games against West Virginia, Miami and Pitt. We're going to work on that this year.

Q. Are you confident with the quarterback situation?

A. Definitely. We have three great candidates to be QB. Of course, right now, there's no clear cut No. 1. We have camp to go. Cocah P will make the best decision to name a starter before we line up against Purdue. You have to have balance when you have the run game. I think that a QB will emerge and we'll be fine.

Q. With Syracuse having a Heisman candidate and an experienced offensive line, they should be ranked higher than what most publications have you at. Most are saying mid-60s with a fourth-place finish in the Big East.

A. I agree with you. I know the past two seasons, I'm guessing that's why they're writing Syracuse off. That's OK. We have to come out and show people what Syracuse is about. People are going to write whatever they're going to write. I go to school here and I know these guys here. They give 100 percent. One or two plays haven't gone our way in the past two years and I know we've been 4-8 and 6-6. But I know we're going to be there.

Q. Do you think the Big East is a little more wide open with the departure of Miami and Virginia Tech?

A. VT and Miami opted for the ACC, they have to do what they have to do. In the Big East, it's really wide open. With those two gone, you knew that the Big East championship had to go through Miami. Anyone can win the Big East now. Anyone can win which is a great thing.

Q. Do you play Madden or NCAA football?

A. I play NCAA. I hate Madden. Madden cheats too much.

Q. Do you think they rated you fairly in NCAA?

A. I think so. Overall 95. Not bad I guess. I was my speed was a little higher. I can't complain. It's only a video game. I'm pretty good in the video game. I got to be happy about that.

The Juice would like to thank Walter Reyes for his time.

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