NC State Postgame Quotes

Syracuse dropped its first game this season, 82-68, to North Carolina State on Saturday. Here's what the Orangemen had to say about the loss.


On coming back

"They made us defend them for 20 seconds, 25 seconds every time before they tried to do anything. It's very difficult to play defense. It's much more fun to play offense. We came down, and we kept rushing our offense. We didn't – three, four passes and make them defend, and we kept going over that every time out. Make them guard you. Make them guard you. Then we come down and go one on one."

On rushing offense

"We got the ball to DeShaun and Preston early and they made some shots. We started out the game, we ran our offense. The first five minutes. Then we started going one-on-one. We settled down for the last four minutes in the first half, and we cut the lead from 10 or 11 for two. We discussed it at halftime, and I tried to make a point of the fact that you play together, you make them defend you, and we got good looks. We come out, we do it a few times, and then we got careless and decided to start doing one-on-one again, not run what we're running. I'm embarrassed, and I'll take the blame for this because Coach Boeheim doesn't teach them to play basketball like this, and that's not a Syracuse team the way we played. We did not do a good job. The re bounding was fairly even, but we start, we have to do a better job on the boards. We played Hofstra the other night and our leading rebounder was DeShaun with seven and our second leading rebounder with four. I thought Jeremy came up big and had a great game on the boards. Our second leading rebounder had four rebounds. We've got to rebound as a team. We're going out there with a smaller, quicker team. We've got to start learning that it's a team game, and we played that way for the first nine games. I don't know what happened tonight, but we decided that we were going to start going one-on-one, one pass and make a move, two passes. I kept saying all week that North Carolina State was a good team. They're in a great conference, they're a good team, they're 7-2. They have good players. They were patient we weren't. I'm embarrassed, and I'm going to take the blame because, again, this is not the way Syracuse is supposed to play basketball."

On Hodge being a distraction

"I don't think so. We made nothing of that at all. We made nothing of the Julius Hodge matchup. He had a couple of field goals, he made some free throws. I don't think Julius killed us. I'm not knocking Julius, he's a great kid. He's a nice player. As a freshman, he did a good job. I'm taking all the blame because we did not play as a team. That's exactly what happened."

On taking Kueth out late in the game

"He picked up his fourth foul. We took him out then because he was in foul trouble. Sometimes, kids have a bad night. Kueth said he felt fine. He's a big part of our offense. He's a big part of our offense, and he goes 0-2 from the field."

On DeShaun sucking the worst

"There's no question about it. DeShaun thought he was in the playground instead of playing for Syracuse. He didn't get us in our offense. He tried to go one-on-one too many times. He took some bad shots, and we went over this a few times. We're trying to penetrate and kick, and that's what they did. Instead, we're dribbling into the meat of their defense and throwing up horrible shots. Then when we throw up a bad shot, we're not getting the rebound."

On last year

"I don't think we took them too lightly. Again, they're in a great conference, and they're a good team, and they're a quality team every year, and Coach Sendek does a great job. I don't care who you play. North Carolina loses to Davidson and all these teams lose. Our kids read the paper. You read the paper, you know anybody can beat you. Northern Iowa beat Iowa. I mean, that can happen. I wouldn't be this upset if we came and played Syracuse basketball and lost the game. That's not what we did tonight. Too much one-on-one. You have two guys taking an awful lot of shots. Then we're not getting on the boards. Preston and DeShaun are going to take most of the shots each game. We've got to have better balance. We've got to have somebody else step up. Our third leading scorer tonight, was Jeremy had six. Q had a bad game, I'm not blaming anything on Q, he had an off game. Q's been playing great and really contributing offensively."

On what he said to DeShaun

"We took him out a few times and tried to settle him down. You try and go over what you should do. We were in the same situation last year. We played Tennessee early. We won 13 or 14 games and then Tennessee came in here, which was a highly ranked team, and just kicked our butts."

On Forth

"I don't like to make excuses for any of our players. Craig didn't feel well, he saw the trainer today. He's not feeling well. I asked him if he could go, and he felt he could. Then, I put Jeremy in, and I tried to save Jeremy for the second half. I took him out in the first half when he got his second foul. I thought Jeremy did a good job. He let us try and go out and extend the defense. We also came out much too far in the zone. We tried to play the zone a little tighter, and we came out too far, and then they just picked us apart inside. You're not playing good basketball when a team shoots 61 percent from the field against you."

On grabbing Preston

"It's tough. I thought he was getting grabbed a few times. He's got to keep moving, and we've got to fight through it and we've got to be patient. We lost the game tonight because we were not patient on offense. We did not run our offense. That's the bottom line. We did not have any patience whatsoever."


On patience

"We just weren't sharp tonight. We just didn't come out ready to play."

On off night

"That's all you can do is learn from it, learn from your losses. You can't just dwell on it for a long time."

On his performance

"It's a sad day at the office, that's all I can say really. I just didn't play well."

On difference between this game and Wake Forest comeback

"We just didn't get over that hump. We cut it to two with our press and then we just couldn't get over that hump. Wake Forest we did. This game, we didn't."

On putting it behind him

"It's a rather long break to have. But we've got practice tomorrow, and we're going to watch film and learn from it. We'll be alright. We'll be just fine."

"We'd rather be playing as soon as possible, just to get competing again. We've just got to get back to practicing. It's going to be twice as hard."

On missing Boeheim

"The coaches can't make a whole lot of difference, it's the players that have to go out there and play, regardless of what happens. We're the ones that play. We've got to make plays to win."

On Hodge

"He did alright. I guess he's a good player."


On Hodge

"I don't know what to say about him. I think Hakim is better. I don't know what to say about that."

On if he thinks it was a clean block

"Hell yeah I think I got that block. That's what the refs have control over."

On why they lost

"If I came out on Grundy all the way, he would have passed it to my man, and he would have dunked it. That, they just played hard. We thought we were going to kill them. But I don't think this is the type of game where that's going to happen. We just made little mistakes. We'll be ready."

On his rebounding

"Bernie let me go out there and play. I'm going to play hard when I play. I just go out there and try to do everything I can do. I still just go out there every single night."

On eight-day break

"I wish we could play tomorrow and start winning games. Nobody likes to lose and then sit out. We just want to keep playing and playing and playing."


On long break

"You want to play, not just sitting around and thinking about it. That's really going to be tough. As players, that just feels bad. You want to hurry up and get back on the court, practice tomorrow and just work hard."

On offense

"Pretty much so. We've just got to stay patient, go and play the same way we've been playing the first nine games. Go out there and play hard, and forget about this loss."

On difference

"From the start, they just got on us, took the lead and they pretty much had it the whole game. It was different. We tried to make a run and they just kept their composure and just kept going."

"They did a great job, hanging with the press. They just attacked us. They played a great game."

On Hodge

"He played a great game. My hat's off to him and I wish him the best. We've just got to keep working hard, forget about this loss and, hopefully, win out."

On if he showed he's as good as Hodge

"I did a pretty good job, not as good as I would like. It's just a growing thing. I'm going to go through games like this. I've gotta get through it."

On Boeheim

"It's really not in the coach's hands. He wasn't out there playing. They got on us from the jump, and we just didn't respond."

On if worst game on offense he's seen in five years

"Lot of man-on-man, one-on-one the whole game. I went in there a little bit, slowed it down and started yelling at people. That's why we came back. I thought we really needed to slow it down. When I got in there, I started moving the ball around a little better. Once the second half came around, we started moving the ball a couple times, then after that it was all one-on-one. That killed us."

On what he can attribute that to

"You can't attribute that to nothing. The first time we were losing in a while, down to a good team, we just got impatient. Everybody's trying to be a hero. That's a good thing and a bad thing. Can't win with one guy, you've got to win with the team."

On difference

"Big difference. Even last year, our first couple games, we played better one-on-one, as a team better, you know what I'm saying."

On if it reminded him of last year

"Last year, we actually wanted to play, we feeded off each other. This year, it just seems like we didn't really want to step up and play our game."

On Hodge

"He was a little overrated. He wasn't good enough to go pro, like everybody was saying. He does a lot of talking out there. He just kept talking, vocal to the crowd and stuff. It ain't bad, but you've got to back it up, and I don't think he backed it up at all."


On offense

"I don't know about that. We were pretty impatient tonight. We were rushing some shots, taking some bad shots. Some guys tried to play out of character a little bit. But, I don't know man, it happens to everybody. We've got to go back to work, that's all."

On disappointed

"Not really. Everybody was sort of down. I can't really speak for them. They were a little down. They expected us to come out here, jump into the game and start killing them. Give them credit, they played a good game, we just didn't play our game, that's all."

On one-on-one

"I felt all my touches and looks felt good. I might have rushed one or two shots, I didn't really have to shot. I don't know, I made a bad decision, and I was just trying to make something happen. As far as one-on-one, that comes from us not running our offense. We weren't being patient. As far as DeShaun and some guys, they played out of character a little bit, but everybody's going to have a bad game, so you've got to take it and roll with it."

On difference

"I don't think they really, really truly believed that we could come back. That's probably the main factor."

On Hodge

"I don't know him. I don't know what type of person he is. He played alright. He probably wanted to win just as bad as we did. He played a good game. I don't know. I didn't really notice him. I don't know."

On long break

"That's a tough question. Some guys were a little, I don't know, a little didn't have their pop like usual. I don't know where it comes from. I don't know what people did before the game or whatever. We just weren't up to ourselves. It showed."

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